Do Stem Cell Serums Actually Work?

Do They Work?

4 Reasons Stem Cell Face Serums Are More Effective than Traditional Serums

Stem Cell Technology is relatively new, and we are learning more every day about this remarkable discovery in our own body. Can this body of knowledge that science is developing be useful in fighting the issues of aging? Over ten years of testing and personal use for skin appearance improvement demonstrates that Serums, which contain the latest skin care technology and the most efficacious formulations on the market – those employing various stem cell derivatives, will improve your skin faster and better than serums on the market which don’t use stem cell technology. Here are my top four reasons that stem cell face serums are more effective than traditional serums.
  1. Stem Cell Derivatives are the most natural and effective approach to skin renewal.

    Scientific research has shown that human adult stem cells are the coordinators and conductors of the natural repair and renewal process of the human body, which includes the skin. Stem cells do this by secreting growth factors, and other helpful peptides that signal a need for increased cellular renewal. Relating to skin, this means more epidermal skin cell production and increased collagen and elastin production. As we age, thinning skin and loss of collagen, is primarily due to a decrease in production. Because our stem cell activity and numbers decrease as we age, stimulating the renewal needs with the same natural stem cell processes is more effective than other methods. If one wants to stimulate new epidermal and collagen production, as in our youth, why not make use of the method our body naturally employs?
  2. Stem Cell derivatives are the ultimate anti-aging solution.

    One of the reasons our skin looks so healthy and attractive when we are young is that we have an abundance of adult stem cells active and available to renew and repair it. As we age, less and less of these stem cells are available to do this work. This is one reason our skin shows the aging process. Employing adult stem cell derivatives to amplify our own skin renewal process stimulates the natural renewing process of the epidermis and dermis by means of growth factors and other helper proteins normally more readily available in young, healthy tissue and skin. This provides a natural means to reduce skin aging and restore youthfulness like that we enjoyed in our younger days.
  3. Certain Stem Cell Derivatives from plant stem cell material are also scientifically shown to be effective in aiding epidermal and collagen growth.

    Although extractions from plant stem cells do not have the growth factor signaling ability, because they do not “talk the same language,” there are unique contributions that they can make to also increase epidermal and collagen production. By combining these special plant stem cell extractions together with the power of adult stem cell signaling peptides we can increase the overall efficacy of both. Not all plant stem cell derivatives are useful to this end. We must carefully choose based on sound scientific tests and evidence that demonstrate the effectiveness of the plant stem cell derivative. One particular plant stem cell extraction has been clearly shown to stimulate epidermal stem cells, which are the producers of new skin cells, and restore their youthful production. Another has been shown to enhance growth factor communication and stimulate more collagen production. When used together with human stem cell derivatives, these make a powerful combination for restoring and rejuvenating skin and collagen production.
  1. Stem Cell Derivative serums address a number of aging issues at the same time

    By stimulating both epidermal cell production and collagen production, a number of visible appearance issues can be addressed with a single product. Stem cell face serums can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and reduce sag, improve complexion by boosting outer layer turnover which removes dull skin and replaces with a more healthy and youthful look, improve skin softness, and help with environmental exposure and damage. Stem cell serums that combine the effects of both human and plant stem cells have even greater impact. Traditional serums may address only one or two of these issues.


Watch out for products that use the term “stem cell” as a marketing gimmick. Be sure that all claims are backed up with real science and not just “doctored up” before and after photos. Clinical studies being conducted on skin care products utilizing Stem Cell Technology continue to astound and impress the industry. And while Stem Cell Technology will be an integral part of the future of skin care, because it mimics the natural renewal process of our body (and our skin), its main benefit is the assistance in epidermal and collagen production - something your skin has already been doing your whole life. A good skin care product line also needs to address hydration, environmental protection, evening of skin coloration, skin nutrients and cellular health, as well as other specific issues. Our Stemology Cell Revive Serum Complete and our NEW RELEASE Cell Revive Serum Complete with SRC-7 cover all of these bases. At Stemology, we have found that many other ingredients are necessary in our formulations to properly address these multiple needs. Stem Cell Technology is an important piece, but still one piece of a multi-faceted solution.

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serum complete with SRC-7Will you be trading in your old traditional serum for a more technologically-advanced serum using stem cell technology? Feel free to tell us in the comments below. Dr. Hal Simeroth, PhD Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Stemology