Our Company
Stemology was founded in 2012 and strives to continue to blend the very best of nature and science to deliver powerful skin rejuvenation, naturally. Backed by the latest in stem cell research and modern technology, every item in Stemology’s versatile collection is engineered to achieve beautiful results simply by boosting the body’s own innate dermal repair process.  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: combine the best of both science and nature to produce immediate, visible results. Using the latest technology and nothing but naturally-derived, ethically-sourced ingredients that meet NPA (Natural Product Association) standards, our expert team of scientists make sure that every active ingredient is backed by sound scientific evidence and formulated for maximum potency. We take great pride in providing industry-leading products and a superior buyer experience to our growing number of loyal customers throughout the world.

Our Founder
Stemology was founded by Chief Technical Officer Dr. Hal H. Simeroth, Ph.D. and is the result of decades of focused skin care research. With 40 years of experience as a research scientist and research engineer, Dr. Simeroth served as the VP of Research for heavy-hitting technology conglomerates and worked with prestigious universities like the University of Texas to develop cutting-edge research patents. Now, he has teamed up with some of the world’s leading scientists and technical experts to create the breakthrough, Patent-Pending, Skin Renewal System with SRC-7, formulated without parabens, glycols, sulfates, formaldehyde donors, or petroleum derivatives.

Our Ethics
Human Stem Cells:  We do not use embryonic stem cells in any of our research work, nor do we use them in the design of our products.  None of our products are made from human fetal tissue; nor is any of our research and development done with any human fetal tissue. We maintain our commitment to use the most advanced research and development in how stem cells operate in human skin and apply that knowledge to our products.

Animal-Based Ingredients:  We do not use ingredients from animal products or by-products, except for those produced by live animals such as milk, honey, lanolin, etc.  We do not test on animals, not do we use products that were developed using animal testing.

"Natural" and "Organic" Products and Ingredients:  When the term “Natural Products” is used in the world of skin care, it often has a wide variation of meanings.  First, “natural products” and “organic products” are not the same thing.  For a product to be labeled organic each ingredient should be certified “organic.”  Although we have a number of certified organic ingredients in our products, not all of our ingredients are organic.  We are not striving to have certified organic products and will not label them as such unless they truly are.

We are dedicated, however, to the natural origin, purity and safety of the ingredients in our products.  We are committed to the use of natural ingredients.  Our definition of a natural product is one that has ingredients derived from chemical compounds found in nature, either in a botanical (herb, flower, root, etc), or the human body (Hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10, protein peptides, etc.).  Our natural products use emollients, preservatives, emulsifiers, and thickeners that are derived from nature by combining the healing and nutritive characteristics of plant extracts and whole food ingredients with the advances of science.  What is not found in our natural skin care products are chemical ingredients derived from petroleum, ethoxylates, formaldehyde donors, sulfates, parabens, GMO’s or artificial colors.  All fragrances are from natural essential oils, or distillates.

The preservatives in our products are a combination of natural anti-oxidants which keep oils from turning rancid, plus broad spectrum preservatives which boost the action of the natural preservatives and provide protection against bacteria, microbes, yeast, fungi and molds, which can pose serious health risks if allowed to develop within a product.  No preservatives will ever be used that have its source from the previous list of disallowed ingredients.  This is our definition of “natural” products.  This is our commitment to you and to our planet.