Skin Brightening Tips From our Expert Hal

From the perspective of a skin expert, the age-old skin appearance problem that is usually ranked #1 in importance on people’s lists are uneven skin tone or coloration- the result of which are dark areas or spots on the skin. Creating and transmitting pigment to the epidermal skin cells (the cells on the surface of your skin) is a complex process which can sometimes go wrong, or just not work. There are specialized cells in our skin, called melanocytes (me-lan-o-cyte), that create and transmit pigment to all the neighboring epidermal cells that surround every single melanocyte. This creation and transmission of melanin (pigment) sometimes fail to occur evenly for a number of reasons, for example:

  • sun exposure
  • aging
  • hormonal changes
  • genetic factors

This problem increases with age and results in unwanted dark areas or spots and uneven skin coloration, an issue most are familiar with.

There are proven ways to reduce this unevenness and lighten dark spot areas, but a lot of these treatments are not healthy for your skin and can cause more problems in the long run. The ideal pigment reducing actives should:

1) Have a potent, rapid, and selective slowing effect on hyperactivated melanocytes

2) Reduce the amount of melanin created, which is done by inhibiting

Tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme that has a key role in creating melanin

3) Decrease the uneven melanin transmission to the epidermal skin cells

All of this should be accomplished without short or long-term negative side-effects, and progress to a permanent fading of undesired pigment. Skin brightening products with active ingredients such as hydroquinone and kojic acid are undesirable as lightening agents because they have been shown to affect the viability of melanocytes, often destroying their functional ability. This can be harmful to some, long term, and result in patches of skin that have a “bleached” look.

Based off of the information above, it is clear the very best skin lightener/brightener formulation should have ingredients that address all three of the above pigment reducing modes without creating any harmful impact; plus it should have components that exfoliate the skin well to remove the old, darkened, epidermal cells. An added benefit would be a rich suite of antioxidants to help prevent future photo-aging and sun exposure dark spots. I have been performing research and product development in skin science over the past twelve years, and through this twelve-year period, I focused my research on the use of natural botanical phytochemicals in skin care, and the amazing results these produce.

The Stemology® Cell Revive Brightening Serum has all of these features in one formulation with multiple natural ingredients for addressing all three ways of reducing pigmentation, a full suite of exfoliating ingredients to hasten the removal of old skin layers, and a powerful complex of antioxidants to fight future damage. All of the Stemology Brightener ingredients are verified by either clinical tests or scientific studies. The following table shows the Tri-Bright technology components that address the three pigment reducing modes:

Process Addressed:

Stemology Formula Actives

  • Inhibit Melanin Formation & Synthesis
    • Bellis Perennis Extract
    • Mulberry Extract
    • BearBerry Extract, Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract
    • LactoBacillus Bioferment
  • Inhibit Tyrosinase Synthesis & Activity
    • Lemon Peel Extract
    • Bellis Perennis Extract
    • BearBerry Extract
    • White Licorice Extract
    • Ferula Foetida Extract
    • Red Algae Extract
  • Inhibit Melanin Transfer to Keratinocytes
    • Niacinamide
    • Boerhavia Diffusa Root
    • Red Algae Extract
    • Stabilized Vitamin C

In addition, Stemology Brightening Serum also has a unique Cell Detox ingredient that removes toxins from skin cells which often gives an unwanted discoloration to the skin.

Skin exfoliation is addressed with Natural Fruit Enzymes of pomegranate, papaya, pumpkin and pineapple for gentle exfoliation, plus a mild concentration of natural fruit acids providing lactic, glycolic, and malic alpha hydroxy acids. In addition, Beta hydroxy acid is provided naturally by Aspen Bark Extract which exfoliates in a different way. The Stemology Antioxidant Complex provides eleven natural, proven antioxidants covering the full spectrum of antioxidants both from the human body and from nature’s plants. As an added bonus the Brightening Serum provides both pore refining and skin hydrating functions as well. No other Brightener/Lightener available provides such a complete solution.

As with any skin brightening product, patience is needed. The older, discolored skin must slough away, and the pigment production will be returning to a more normal, natural level. It takes about 30 days for the outer skin to be replaced by newer skin cells, so you will see the first spot fading happen in that time frame, but it will take longer to get additional fading. The average user sees some fading of dark spots in about a month and additional fading over about 60 -90 days. The skin must be given time to react and replace the older, pigmented cells- but once it does, it will change the way you view your skin forever.

With love and in good health.

Dr. Hal Smitheron