Why Use Toner?


In the past, estheticians would use a Toner as a part of their facial protocol to remove any remaining residue after cleansing the face and neck. Toner was usually an astringent that removed any excess oil or debris left on the skin after washing. It would normally have an alcohol base and be applied with a cotton ball, doing the final cleanup step before proceeding with the facial routine. Why use Toner today?

Modern Toners

Today’s Toners, as an intermediate step after cleansing and before applying serums, moisturizers, and makeup, should do far more than just additional cleansing. Using a Toner today is an important step in any serious skin care regime for a number of reasons. A good Toner should do no harm; it should not contain alcohol which dries out the skin, no harsh chemicals, no petroleum derivatives, no parabens, no formaldehyde donors, and no sulfates. It should be an all natural, sourced product with no animal components.

An outstanding Toner should:

  1. Help remove any residue missed during cleansing: A good Toner starts with its cleansing function. It should sweep away any remaining residue and impurities on the skin without using drying alcohol bases. Stemology Active Gel Toner makes use of Witch Hazel extract and Green Tea extract to perform this needed secondary cleansing step and act as a non-drying astringent. It is in a gel format for easy application. No need for cotton balls or to be concerned with spray in your eyes.
  2. Help open pores, and provide carriers, to receive active ingredients from serums, and maintain the integrity of the pH mantle of your skin: Preparing skin to receive important actives from treatment serums and moisturizers is a key function for a Toner. Allure magazine says, “Think of toner as prep for your pores. It brings your skin back to its natural acidic state, sweeping impurities away and helping your skin absorb your skincare products.” Stemology's product has an outstanding complex of herbal extract: soothing and calming botanicals to open your pores to receive active ingredients. It has a rich concentration of MSM, an excellent carrier of natural ingredients and is designed at the right pH to match the natural pH of the skin.
  3. Provide additional much needed moisture: An outstanding Toner will also moisturize the skin with both emollients and humectants (hydrators). Stemology Toner contains pure cold pressed plant oils, along with Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Lactate, and Sodium PCA - all three Natural Moisturizing Factors, to firm up and tone the skin's surface. This combination delivers excellent moisture to the skin.
  4. Soothe and calm skin, reducing any inflammation: Some have sensitive skin. It is easily irritated by pollution exposure, too much sun, too much exfoliation, and general allergy issues. The best toners will calm skin and reduce irritation. The soothing herbal complex of Geranium Waters, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Calendula extracts is available in our Toner. These are proven plant extracts to calm and soothe troubled skin.
why use toner So, would you like to get the most benefit from your other skin care treatment products, improve your skin hydration, calm troubled skin, and generally improve your skin health? Then, add a Toner to your routine.