The Signs of Aging Skin

Is It More About Wrinkles or Dull Tone?

Did you know that an older looking complexion has as much to do with dull, fading skin tone as it does with age lines?

According to dermatologists, bright, clear, and consistent skin color, tone and texture are essential elements to a truly younger-looking complexion. So, even if you were using all of the miracle wrinkle creams in the world, you would still be missing an essential element to regaining that youthful complexion – luminous tone.

For truly youthful skin, you need something that will bring back the radiance and glow that ‘older’ skin has lost. We’re talking about changing the vibrancy of your skin’s appearance so that it actually reflects more light by reducing dull tone and restoring that luminous glow. That’s where stem cells come in.

More than peptides and moisturizers, this latest generation of stem cell extracts has the ability to regenerate and rejuvenate… and help overcome that change in tone that accompanies aging skin. Scientists call it kerantinocyte glycation. And, simply put, it means that the surface of skin is less able to reflect light, so it begins to look dull, lackluster and… well…old.

Stem cell-based skin care creams encourage the production of ‘fresh’ skin cells (from your body’s natural reservoir of stem cells). These are, if you will, ‘virgin’ cells that are undamaged by photo aging and pollution. The result is:

  • Radiant skin
  • Uniform color
  • Increased skin reflectivity
  • Skin Luminosity

Sound too good to be true? Trust us, it isn’t. Stem cell technology is really that amazing!

To look younger and get rid of the appearance of blotchy discolorations and visible imperfections while restoring that radiant look of youth, there’s nothing more exciting or more effective than stem cell-based skin care creams. Try our Cell Revive Brightening Serum and we guarantee you’ll be seeing and feeling a more youthful glow before you know it!

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