What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles For Good

In scientific terms, dark circles under the eyes are caused by the oxidation of hemoglobin in the capillary matrix that surrounds the eye. These capillaries actually “leak” blood, creating a dark bluish-red pigmentation under the skin that looks like a bruise. That is the real problem, not exhaustion and age.

In many ways, dark circles actually are a type of ‘bruising’ – which is why all the moisturizers in the world aren’t going to help (despite what some cosmetic companies say). Compounding the problem is the sensitive nature of the skin that surrounds the eye. A balance of performance and sensitivity in your under-eye beauty products is needed – products that are too strong can cause damage; products that are not strong enough won’t give you any results.

Luckily, there is a solution. The first step is to make sure that the dark circles aren’t allergy related, particularly during the Spring and Autumn seasons when allergies are in full bloom. An antihistamine may help. If allergies are the cause of your under-eye circles, dark pigment and swelling will subside in a couple of days after beginning medication. The second step is to make sure to use an eye cream that soothes, calms, reduces swelling and, most importantly, helps to de-oxidize the trapped blood. This can’t be just another skin care product. It needs to be one that is specifically designed to quickly reduce the appearance of serious dark circles. The best treatments will help to increase enzymatic activity that will help lighten the bluish/purple color and encourage healing.

Even more important, look for a dark circle treatment that helps to strengthen the capillary matrix, so that there’s less ‘leaking’ and less continual damage to the orbital eye area.

Here’s where the newest stem cell-based products really shine. Stem cells are superior at encouraging healing and skin rejuvenation. Remember, the secret to stem cell creams and serums is their ability to stimulate the body’s natural reservoir of undifferentiated stem cells to help strengthen the capillary matrix, increase collagen production and replenish your skin with new, fresh, ‘young’ cells.

Finally, the very best dark circle compounds also include additional emollients to reduce swelling, enhance skin thickness (which helps keep future dark circles at bay) and reduce visible lines and crow’s feet that make your eyes appear old and tired. Also, look for an under-eye cream that contains Vitamin C, to lighten skin and help control melanin production (in many cases, increased melanin is a secondary cause of dark circles).

NOTE: In some severe cases, a visit to the dermatologist is called for to discuss treatments such as skin peeling and surgery.

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