Can Anti Aging Stem Cell Creams Really Make You Look Younger?

Demystifying Stem Cell Skincare

There’s so much buzz and controversy surrounding stem cell-based skin care creams and treatments it’s hard to figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction.

But this much is certain: stem cell creams are light years ahead of traditional anti-wrinkle moisturizers and peptides. However, you have to know a few things about stem cells and photo-aging to understand the how’s and why’s.

The phrase ‘stem cell’ is perhaps the most misunderstood in cosmetics, conjuring up heated debate. These new (and sometimes very expensive) topical creams aren’t about putting embryonic cells in a jar and slathering them all over your face. Today’s technology focuses on using stem cell extracts to ‘awaken’ the body’s own reservoir of stem cells to rejuvenate the skin and help make you look younger…a lot younger!

The fact is, skin is the largest repository of stem cells in the human body. Don’t believe it? Check out the National Institute of Health’s database on stem-cell research at

As we age, stem-cell utilization for skin repair becomes much less efficient. However, nature has given us remarkable access to endogenous stem-cell reservoirs for skin rejuvenation. That’s why science is seeking ways to activate the potential of our inherent adult stem-cell reservoirs. The practical use of stem-cell technology can provide the consumer with a topical, anti-aging skin care that simply makes everyone look years younger, "naturally”.

Looking older is not just about wrinkles… it’s about skin that looks tired… skin that has lost its radiance and glow, its texture and color. That’s why the typical moisturizers you find today that claim to soften the look of wrinkles can’t really help you look fresher, brighter and younger.

Here’s where stem cell creams really excel. These multilayered creams encourage the natural development of new, fresh skin cells, undamaged by age, sun or pollution. That means skin that looks regenerated, rejuvenated, younger, brighter and healthier.

Stemology is winning in the race to incorporate this newest stem-cell technology. The combination of human adult stem cell extracts, proteins, synergistic moisturizers, plant stem cells, and anti-oxidants is the most complete on the market. It’s a ‘multi-layered’ formulation with several levels of collagen building, skin tightening help.

Try the Stemology products today... we know you’ll be happy you did!

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