Reflect Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Creative Ways To Be Thankful

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

In this season of food, family and fun, we often forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving – to be thankful. This year, help your family, friends and guests express their gratitude during Thanksgiving with these fun and creative ways to be thankful.
  • Try a conversation starter. Use your utensil holders as an opportunity to start a conversation about what you are grateful for. Here is a great free printable for Conversation Starter Utensil Holders.
  • Start a new tradition. Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, have everyone write on a Popsicle stick what they are thankful Then during dinner, pass the jar of sticks around the table. Each person picks out a stick and reads it aloud.
  • Create a Memory Tablecloth. This time we’re encouraging you to write on the table! Have Thanksgiving guests write on your Memory Tablecloth what they are thankful for this year (remember to use a fabric marker). You can bring out this tablecloth year after year and keep adding to it. What fun to read what everyone was thankful for in years past and watch the gratitude grow and grow.
  • Bake some Thankful Rolls. Like fortune cookies, these Thankful Rolls each contain an open-ended question baked inside. Break open the roll, read the question and then answer it aloud. It’s even more fun if you include the names of your guests in the question.
  • Use your gratitude as décor. A great way to display reminders that cultivate a grateful heart is with a Thankful Tree. Place branches in a jar. Create tags that each say something you are grateful for. Hang the tags on the tree like ornaments.
  • Create a new memory to be thankful for with this Fall Family Bucket List.
  • Gratitude from A to Z. As your guests mill about during cocktail hour at your Thanksgiving event, have them fill in a gratitude list, writing down things they are grateful for starting with A, B, C, etc…all the way to Z!
  • Thank you notes. Once your Thanksgiving event is over, don’t forget to tell those who attended how thankful you are for them. Send each guest a thank you note calling out one specific thing about them that you are grateful for.
We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love, family, friends and lots of gratitude!