10 Reasons to Shop Small This Holiday

Be A Superhero When You Shop Small

Want to be a superhero? How about a defender of justice, a champion of the little guy, and a hero in your local community? You can! All you have to do is shop small this holiday season. The Small Business Administration reported there are more than 28 million small businesses operating in the United States. We’re sure that covers every person on your holiday gift list. Shopping small is good for our collective wellbeing and here’s how it makes you a superhero in our eyes!
  1. Who’s special? You are! By and large, small businesses have superior personalized customer service. If your daughter fell in love with a pair of boots but they don’t have her size, a small business will usually go above and beyond to find her size, contacting the manufacturer and having it shipped over…just for you! Then who looks like a superhero to your daughter? You do!
  2. You have the power of making someone’s dream come true. Most small businesses are started by hungry entrepreneurs with a passion for the product or service they are offering. So, by supporting them with your dollars, you are making their dream become a reality!
  3. Your gift giving skills are enviable and unique. Small businesses carry a more unique merchandise selection than chain stores. From local artisans, to vegan or other niche products, small business is where to shop if you want to give a distinctive gift that no one else would have found.
  4. Save the world (or your town) by shopping small. Small business owners are more likely to use their profits to “do good” for the community, and for the world at large. Local businesses strengthen partnerships within their community among neighbors, residents, other small business owners, community leaders, schools and more.
  5. You have the power to control the future…well, sort of. Remember that whole fiscal downfall in 2008? What it showed us is that many aspects of our economic lives are out of our hands, controlled by big business players that don’t necessarily have our best interest in mind. By shopping small, you can take back some of that control because you are purchasing from real people who understand what they’re selling and will stand by it.
  6. You’re just way cooler than the average Joe. What sounds better? “Happy Holidays! I bought you this bottle of wine from Target.” Or, “Happy Holidays! I bought you this bottle of vegan wine that is made by a group of women in my town who use part of the proceeds to help local women suffering from cancer.” Enough said.
  7. You are saving the Earth. Globalization is a major source of pollution, so it helps if you shop small. Larger chain stores and shopping centers have a greater impact on congestion, pollution and habitat destruction. Conversely, smaller companies will most likely have a much smaller carbon footprint, as they are more likely to source and manufacture locally. Now that’s #GreenBeauty!
  8. You’re a person of the people. Shopping locally where you can interact in person with those who are running a business is the perfect anecdote to our screen-driven, impersonal communication lifestyle. Get to know your neighbors by getting out into the local community to shop.
  9. You can start a revolution. Shop with purpose this year by identifying small businesses that promote sustainability, fair trade, fair wages and ethical business practices. Invest your money where you know it will be used for good!
  10. You’ll be celebrating victory with a whole group of like-minded small business shoppers. The popularity of Small Business Saturday has become a full-blown movement that isn't just limited to one Saturday a year.
Alright all you retail superheroes, go out there and save the world! Happy Holiday Shopping!