Are You a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Shopper?

Take Our Quiz to Find Out Your Shopping Personality

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping! But thanks to modern technology, how we go about our holiday shopping can be as individualized as what we buy. If you’re still debating on whether you want to reserve the Friday after Thanksgiving to join the crowds at the mall, or stay in your pajamas and watch holiday movies (we vote for that one!), we’ve got the quiz for you. Answer these 10 questions to find out if you should jump start your shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  1. Standing in line is…
    1. How I get the best deals first!
    2. A waste of time.
  2. I am a…
    1. Morning Person
    2. Evening Person
  3. Prior to purchasing something, I need to..
    1. Touch, feel or try it on.
    2. See a picture of it and maybe reference a sizing chart.
  4. Crowds…
    1. I love them!
    2. I hate them!
  5. I’d rather pay…
    1. A little less for a good deal.
    2. A little more for convenience.
  6. My shopping list is full of…
    1. Electronics, toys and gadgets.
    2. Beauty products, fashion and luxury items.
  7. I like to shop…
    1. On my vacation days.
    2. From my computer at work.
  8. Returning purchases is…
    1. A waste of time.
    2. Not a big deal.
  9. I have reserved approximately…
    1. 15 hours for shopping.
    2. 2 hours for shopping.
  10. I enjoy the…
    1. Adventure, hustle and potential battle of finding a good deal.
    2. To find a good deal without having to physically speak to anyone.
If your answers were mostly “1,” you are a Black Friday shopper. If your answers were mostly “2,” you are a Cyber Monday shopper. The good news is with us, you don’t have to choose! We are offering our customers great rewards on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Follow us on Facebook and keep checking back on for the details!