Health & Wellness New Year Game Plan

Make 2017 Your Most Beautiful Year Yet

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time again to reflect on the past year and determine where we want to grow in our next year. Each January, roughly 1 in 3 Americans resolve to better themselves in some way. In 2016, 41.1% of Americans surveyed made a New Year resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. If you have read our blog for a while now, you know we are proponents of a holistic approach to wellness – incorporating mind, body, spirit and emotional care. By gaining a proper balance in these areas of our lives, we can achieve optimal health. So, with this in mind, we’ve developed your 2017 Health and Wellness Game Plan. Pick and choose which items resonate with you.


  • Make Time to Quiet Your Mind Daily. Meditation is one of the most powerful tooks for incorporating balance in your mind and body. Scientific research is continuing to expound the benefits of meditation including decreasing hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia and addictive behaviors.
  • Cut Your Stress. Chronic stress can increase your risk of insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease and more. Long work hours, little sleep, no exercise, poor diet and not spending time with family and friends can contribute to stress. Schedule in time in 2017 to relax, sleep, socialize and vacation.
  • Keep Learning. Heading back to the classroom can help advance your career and boost your brainpower. Several studies have linked higher educational attainment to a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. And with online education sites like Skill Share, it’s easier than ever to keep learning and growing.


  • Commit to a Healthy Diet. Next to breathing, eating is our most vital bodily function. And for so many of us, eating is an afterthought, catching a coffee on the run or hunting for snacks at lunchtime. To create optimal health, we need to fuel our body with healthy food. Increase your intake of fresh and freshly prepared foods, while limiting items that are canned, packaged, frozen or processed.
  • Incorporate Daily Exercise. Regular exercise offers incredible benefits to your mind and body, including slowing down the aging process. A complete fitness routine incorporates exercises that develop flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. Find an exercise you enjoy and will be able to do for 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Cut Back on Alcohol. Sorry folks, but drinking alcohol in excess is not good for you. Excessive drinking affects the brain’s neurotransmitters and can increase your risk of depression, memory loss and even seizures. Chronic heavy drinking boosts your risk of liver and heart disease, hypertension, stroke and some types of cancer. So, keep your alcoholic beverage consumption under 1 glass a day for women and under 2 glasses a day for men.


  • Stay In Touch. Does it feel like old friends (or family) have fallen away? Research shows it’s good for your health to reconnect with them. People with strong social ties live longer than those who don’t.
  • Volunteer. Even though we tend to think that our happiness relies on bettering ourselves, research has shown that our happiness increases even more when we help others. And happiness is good for your health! People with positive emotions are 20% less likely to have a heart attack or develop heart disease, and research suggests that positive emotions can make people more resilient and resourceful.
  • Enjoy Life to the Fullest. In one survey of American’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, the #1 resolution was to “enjoy life to the fullest.” We love this one because it really does incorporate all aspects of your humanity and makes the most of the time you are spending here on Earth. So, get out your bucket list and start checking off items in 2017.


  • Release Emotional Toxins. Many of us harbor emotional toxicity in the form of unprocessed anger, hurt and resentment. Begin to release these feelings by asking yourself, “What am I holding on to from the past that is no longer serving me in the present?” Once you have identified what you want to release, spend some time journaling about how your life will be different when you release these feelings. Then declare to the Universe what you are releasing.
  • Travel. The joys of taking a vacation can last long after you return home. By getting out of your daily routine and going on a new adventure, you can improve your memory, mood and feel rejuvenated and replenished.
  • Bell Laugh At Least Once A Day. Laughter is a mind-body phenomenon that reduces the production of stress hormones and boosts the immune system. So make an effort to get in a laugh or ten each day. Watch a comedic movie, call a funny friend or just check out the latest internet memes. You’ll be helping your health!

…And Skin

  • Reevaluate Your Skincare Routine. Our skin’s needs change with aging, the weather, stress levels and many other variables. To ensure your skin is getting the best possible care, reevaluate your skincare routine at least once a year. Start by determining your skin concerns – wrinkles, dry skin, breakouts, etc. Then consult our Skin Concern page to find the best skincare solutions for you.
  • Commit to Professional Treatments. As much as you should exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body, you should see a professional esthetician regularly to maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Find a Stemology certified esthetician in your area by consulting our Spa Finder.
  • Get More Sleep. A good night’s rest can do wonders for your mood, health and appearance. Lack of sleep has been linked to everything from higher stress, to breakouts to a greater risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sleep is also crucial for strengthening memories. Can’t get 8 or more hours a night? Take a nap – and don’t feel guilty about it.
Resolving to improve your health and wellness in 2017? Keep us updated on your progress in the comments. Sources: Health, Huffington Post, WebMD, The Chopra Center