Holiday Traditions

Stemology Employees Share Their Holiday Traditions

The holidays become so special for many people because of the traditions they include. From trimming the Christmas tree, to baking cookies, to opening gifts on Christmas morning, holiday traditions give people something to look forward to. In this {holiday} spirit, we asked our employees to share their favorite holiday tradition. Here’s what they had to say: Our Christmas tradition every year is watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” as a family. We started this tradition before our children were born, and then continued it as they grew. We would huddle around the TV in front of the fireplace and let the spirit of that film fill us with the joy of not only the season, but of what it means to be a member of society. In the last few years, a small theater near our hometown has started showing the film on their big screen during the Holidays, and we make it a point to go see it every year with a bunch of our family and friends. So what started as a small gathering of four has blossomed into this large, shared experience with friends, family, and people we don't even know. Yet, the connection we feel to all the people in that theatre is palpable, and reminds us that love really is all there is. – Lori Jacobus, Chief Marketing Officer My tradition is Christmas Day brunch. I invite close friends and family over for mimosas, homemade cinnamon rolls, and some of my other favorite things. In true Southern California fashion, we listen to Jack Johnson Christmas music together and enjoy a warm-weather holiday. – Lisa Dixson, Vice President of Sales For almost 20 years my husband and I have taken our sons every year to the living Christmas tree farm to find and cut down a Christmas tree. We like or trees BIG! And I particularly enjoy the fresh smell of it while I decorate Christmas cookies and watch Elf with my family. – Jean Macke, Senior Marketing Manager A tradition that has been carried over from my childhood, is that my kids (now 23, 20 and 17) get to open one package on Christmas Eve – which is almost always, a new pair of pajamas! - Tracy VanDenburg, Accounting Manager In my family we always make gingerbread cookies and decorate them together. The recipe's been mastered -- less sweet and more spicy, with a slightly heartier/healthier wheat or coconut flour. No one has yet mastered the decorating though, so we usually end up laughing about all the it's-so-ugly-it's-cute cookies. - Karissa Fowler, TFPR One of our holiday traditions is to watch A Muppet Family Christmas -- the 1987 version of course! We have it taped from TV and we love the commercials almost as much as the movie. - Kate Tatem, TFPR Do you have a fun family holiday tradition? Share it with us in the comments.