Getting Toned with Karena and Katrina

Tone It Up Founders Are Inspiring Us To Get Fit in 2015

Jane Fonda called them the new faces of fitness. Marie Claire named them a power duo. Self Magazine dubbed them top motivators. At the core, fitness gurus and business partners Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn are best friends. Together the founders of the Tone It Up fitness community and program are inspiring legions of women to get healthier, build meaningful friendships and have happier lives.

It’s not surprising that Katrina and Karena became close friends. They share the same bubbly personalities, amazing beach abs, infectious beaming smiles and a deep love of fitness that has inspired thousands of women. That’s why these two fitness beauties were selected as our monthly Inspiring Persons!

It was in Southern California that the two women met, bonding over a love of fitness and a passion to help others get in shape. Katrina was a trainer at the Manhattan Beach Country Club, a newly arrived LA-transplant from New Hampshire, when she met Karena, who hails from Indiana.

Katrina, who has her bachelor’s degree in health science, worked as a trainer at Equinox, among many other notable gyms, and was named top fitness entrepreneur by the Bostonian and the AFAA. Karena was a sponsored triathlete, host and fitness model.

A year after meeting, Karena and Katrina combined their talents to teach boot camps at their own studio. Today the best friends, who finish each other’s sentences, are just as committed to fitness. Together they’re mobilizing a movement of women to Tone It Up!

“What’s cool, is girls are meeting through Tone It Up all over the globe, becoming best friends like we have. That’s something we didn’t expect, but are so amazed by!” Karena said in their website bio.

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan -- with over 200 pages -- is a fundamental guide that helps women achieve their fitness goals meal-by-meal and day-by-day. The plan includes meal plans, grocery lists with healthy and delicious foods, measurement guides and a membership to an online support community. The program has helped women reach their fitness targets, optimize their energy, and improve their metabolism. Included in the plan are five-day and seven-day slim down guides to enable members to jump-start a new lifestyle. Members share before and after pictures on the forum, celebrating their achievements as a community. Thousands of women have posted photos to document their fitness progress. The friendships formed in the community go beyond the Internet. Women are getting together to work out, share fat-burning secrets and/or cook meals, developing lasting friendships.

The fitness duo has learned firsthand about the benefits of the Tone It Up program. Katrina lost 26 pounds in 10 weeks while following the guide. What’s truly inspiring is that they’ve shared their knowledge to better other women’s lives. Today their fitness videos have over 30 million (and counting!) views.

Their work has gained attention by the top fitness publications and gurus. Jane Fonda has pledged her support, co-creating with Katrina the Prime Time fitness DVDs.

There’s no telling what this powerful duo will be able to accomplish next. Now that’s inspiring!

Source: Tone It Up