Product Feature: Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser

Gentle Cleanser Hydrates and Sooths Dry, Sensitive Skin

If your sensitive skin is dreading the drier fall/winter season, fear no more! We’ve got the perfect cleanser for you to ease irritated skin and replace the moisture that is has lost. Stemology® Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser is a refreshing, gentle cleanser that hydrates and sooths dry, red and/or irritated skin…Perfect for the upcoming winter months!

Made of all-natural ingredients, Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser:

  • Is acidic free and pH balanced for a soothing, clean feel;
  • Contains aloe vera to settle and soften skin;
  • Is formulated with cucumber and Chamomile to relieve and calm sensitive skin;
  • Incorporates Glycerin and Gluconolactone to hydrate skin;
  • Features sodium lactulate and panthenol complex which offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support;
  • Is infused with extracts of comfrey and eucalyptus to restore smooth texture and tone;
  • Is free of parabens, phthalates, GMOs and harmful synthetic chemicals and preservatives;
  • And is ethically formulated, cruelty free, and intelligently organic whenever possible.
Stemology is dedicated to providing all natural, intelligently organic skincare formulations that are ethically formulated, cruelty free and provide an uplifting, positive experience with every use. Get your Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser today, and tell us how you like it in the comments: