Celebrate Self Improvement Month

September is All About You!

So, we’re helping you celebrate YOU this month with four resolutions to improve yourself. Commit to one a week this Self Improvement Month to see major improvements.

Week 1: Check in With You.

Around the dinner table or while driving your kids home from school, you routinely ask others how they’re doing. But how often do you check in with yourself? Are you as happy as you could be? Everyday for a week, ask yourself throughout the day how you’re doing and what you need to feel fulfilled. Recharge emotionally and find some “me time.” Maybe that means finishing that book, renting movie or booking a spa treatment that will help you de-stress. Or just sit on the porch and daydream. Whatever you need, address it.

Week 2: Get Physical.

One the best ways to get in touch with yourself is to physically exert your body and sweat it out. Think about your particular physical goals and visualize, or even write down, how you can achieve them through diet and exercise. Honestly assess what you could alter about the foods you eat or the amount of physical activity you get. Start with small steps that are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle and up the ante each day.

Week 3: Find Your Focus.

Do a mental cleansing this month and rid your mind of unnecessary distractions. A regular practice of meditation every morning for a week can help you to concentrate on yourself and your goals. For ten minutes everyday sit in a comfortable seated position with your hands face down on your thighs. Listen and focus on your inhales and exhales. As you inhale say “peace,” as you exhale say “love.” You can also substitute those words for anything that suits you. Start your morning every day for one week with this breathing exercise and see how it improves your focus during the day.

Week 4: Get Social Stimuli.

As we get older and more rigid in our routines, sometimes we forget the importance of social stimuli. Our children’s play dates might take precedence over time with our friends or other loved ones. Perhaps we opt to spend more time at the office with coworkers rather than taking classes or doing recreational activities with those who share similar interests. Join a group, club or sign up for a class and meet new people this week. Get out of your comfort zone and into your social zone.

Consider September your month for self-evaluation. It is the permission you need to be a little selfish, in a good way. There are no rules to how you approach self-improvement, so no one will judge you if you decide to continue your resolutions all year round! What the heck; you’re worth it.