During Chemotherapy, Cancer Patient Experiences Best Skin of Her Life


  1. Chemotherapy Ravaged Her Skin, Stemology Restored Her Hope
  2. “My Skin Looked Better on Chemotherapy Than it Did On a Typical Day!”
  3. During Chemotherapy, Cancer Patient Experiences Best Skin of Her Life

Developed by leading skincare scientist Dr. Hal Simeroth, Ph.D., Stemology safe, effective enough to deliver powerful, all-natural skin renewal during chemotherapy

LOS ANGELES, California – (DIST DATE, 2019): During devastating chemotherapy treatment, Stemology skincare restores youthful glow, self-confidence, and hope to cancer survivor Kristen Williams. Stemology formulates the “world’s most powerful all-natural anti-aging skincare products,” blending the latest in stem cell research and modern technology to achieve beautiful results, naturally. Now, one customer shares her experience with a skincare collection safe enough for compromised immune systems and effective enough to deliver powerful results during chemotherapy.

Just one year ago, Stemology founder and creator Dr. Hal Simeroth, Ph.D. learned that his daughter, Kristen Williams, had been diagnosed with lymphoma. Due for 12 rounds of chemotherapy over a period of 6 months, it was not long before Williams experienced noticeable changes to her body. “I was only two treatments in when my skin and hair started a downward spiral. All of a sudden, I had the driest, flakiest skin, all the time. The fine lines on my face turned to full-fledged wrinkles, I looked 100 years old, and, frankly, I just looked sick.”

Hearing about the botanically-based, scientific approach of Stemology from her father, Williams added the Moisture Complete with SRC-7 and Cell Revive Serum Complete with SRC-7 to a strict regimen of safe, 100% natural skincare. “Immediately, my skin felt softer” Williams explains, “I didn’t feel like a lizard anymore!” In just one week, Williams’ skin was positively glowing. “The dryness, flakiness, and deep wrinkles were gone - even the little lines around my lips.” After a month of regular use, Williams saw powerfully hydrated, softer, even-toned skin with smaller pores and less redness. “I know it sounds crazy,” she exclaims, “but my skin looked better with Stemology on chemo than it did on a typical day!”

Along with incredible changes to her skin, Williams began to rediscover her own self-confidence and vitality. Soon, others began to notice the dynamic transformation as well. “My husband commented on my skin all the time,” Williams says, “and the first time I saw myself in a photo, I did a double take - my skin was radiant with a glow it didn’t have before. And this was all during chemo!”

Today, Williams is gratefully cancer-free and still devotedly relying on Stemology to keep her skin looking and feeling its best. Her only regret is that she had not begun using her go-to products sooner. “I recommend Stemology to everyone, especially my brothers and sisters out there in the fight against cancer - God knows how much you need to feel normal and good during those tough days.”

Developed by Dr. Hal Simeroth, Ph.D., a leader in the field of skin research, Stemology represents more than 40 years of cutting-edge expertise. Engineered to work with the body’s natural skin renewal processes, the complete skincare line delivers the essential elements necessary for powerful repair and rejuvenation for that vibrant, youthful glow. See more radiant, healthy skin in just a few applications with the full skincare regimen, including the Moisture Complete with SRC-7 ($75) and Cell Revive Serum Complete with SRC-7 ($110), available exclusively at www.StemologyProducts.com. Contact Leigh-Anne Anderson of Anderson PR to schedule an interview with Stemology creator Dr. Hal Simeroth, Ph.D.

About Stemology:

At Stemology, our philosophy is simple: combine the best of both science and nature to produce immediate, visible results. Using the latest technology and nothing but naturally-derived, ethically-sourced ingredients that meet NPA (Natural Product Association) standards, our expert team of scientists makes sure that every active ingredient is backed by sound scientific evidence and formulated for maximum potency. We take great pride in providing industry-leading products and a superior buyer experience to our growing number of loyal customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and most of the Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit www.StemologyProducts.com.

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