Awaken the power of your OWN stem cells

Stemology® skin care invites you to awaken the power of your own stem cells that naturally reside in your skin.

It is a known scientific fact that the declining regenerative potential of our tissues is a major contributor to the aging process. This is certainly true for our skin. Our skin’s regenerating potential depends on adult stem cells doing their job of repair and replacement. When we were young, in our twenties, our adult stem cells were active and effective in maintaining our skin and preserving that youthful appearance. As we age, declining stem cell activity, accelerates the aging process in our skin.

Two ways in which the decline in stem cell activity is revealed in skin appearance are a thinning of the epidermal layer of the skin and a reduction in collagen and elastin in the dermal layer. In our twenties the epidermal layer is replaced (turns over) about every 28 days. As we age this turnover is reduced and replacement time can increase to 45 days, or even 60 days depending on age. Our outer epidermal layer becomes thinner, more fragile, and loses its youthful appearance. On the average, estimates are about a 10% loss in thickness with every ten years of aging. Our complexion loses radiance due to the outer layers of skin being exposed to the external environment for a longer time. Similarly, the cells that produce new collagen and elastin (fibroblasts) in the dermal layer become less in number and less active and our skin begins to lose firmness and elasticity. Thinning skin and loss of collagen bring on wrinkles and lines, sag, uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and an overall loss of youthful radiance.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a way to greatly slow down and even reverse this negative stem cell induced appearance. Recent discoveries in stem cell research have identified three types of stem cells in our skin. One type specific to the epidermis, another type more specific to the dermis, and even a third type residing in the hypodermis. All three of these stem cell types contribute to the repair and renewal of our skin in their own special way; and all can decline in their activity bringing on the results discussed above. Stemology SRC-7 is a patent-pending complex of active ingredients that addresses all three stem cell types and can “awaken” them to greater production of new skin cells, new collagen, and, most importantly, new stem cells. SRC-7 has four unique actives that have been clinically tested and shown to stimulate one or more of the three stem cell types to greater production and heightened activity. The four together “cover all the bases,” insuring the energizing of all three skin stem cell types. Three other special “helper” components were added to SRC-7, based upon sound scientific research, to assist in this skin revitalizing process. Each component of SRC-7 provides stimulation to each of the three stem cell types in human skin. This effect is multiplied due to the “bio-communication” which occurs between each of the stem cell types. SRC-7 is based on the very latest in skin stem cell research. There is nothing like it in the world. Early user reports are very positive regarding results – both immediate and long term. Currently Stemology has two of your favorite products now available with SRC-7 … Stemology Serum Complete and Stemology Moisture Complete. We invite you to tap into the power of your own stem cells!

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