Fall Beauty Essentials

Stock Up With These Beauty Essentials This Fall

We all know the season change is a perfect time to update your skincare regimen, and Stemology has already given you skincare solutions to all your fall skin changes. So, what next? While great skin creates the palette for the art form of beauty, it’s not the “end all be all” to looking and feeling your Fall best. Here are our 10 favorite fall beauty essentials.
  1. Earth-Tone Eyeliner. Fall is about going back to basics with warm, natural eyeliner colors like brown, gray and even burgundy. Want to take it up a notch? Fall runways were showing extreme cat-eyes with dramatic winged liner extending about a half inch past the eye’s edge.
  2. Glitter and Metallic. Metallics have been huge for most of 2016, and this trend isn’t letting up for fall. Glittery mouths in ruby red ruled the runways. For eyes, metallic eye shadow and glitter liners are making a statement. Just remember, the key is balance. If you’re going metallic in one area, go matte in others.
  3. Statement pony. Even though the weather is cooling down, hair is going up in a ponytail. But this isn’t your ordinary pony. Fall’s statement ponytail is all about being polishes, slicked back and swooshy.
  4. Fresh, Natural Skin. Skin always looks best when it’s naturally flawless, not heavily covered and contoured. For fall, dewy, glowing skin is definitely in. So, better up your moisture game with our Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer.
  5. Berry-Stained Pout. Lips are dark and daring this fall. From deep, dark berry shades, to even purple and black, it’s all about the drama. The good news? Berry shades look great on all skin tones.
  6. Big, Brushed Brows. Brows are showing their wild side this fall, and we think it’s a nice alternative to the perfected brow of the past. Large, natural (and somewhat unruly) brows are not only on trend, they are much easier to achieve.
  7. Dramatic Lashes. From feathered, to spider, to color dipped, to (even) clumpy, dramatic lashes are the statement to make this fall. Adapt your lashes easily with a false set or extensions. Or pick up the boldest mascara you can find.
  8. Frostbite cheeks. This season cheeks are taking their cue from the colder weather itself. Add an extra touch of blush to your cheeks in the exact same color they turn when it’s chilly outside.
  9. Musky Fragrances. Pack up those light spring fragrances, there’s no better time to incorporate a new signature fragrance than this fall. Look for scents with notes of bourbun, vanilla, oakwood and tubrose for a warm autumn vibe.
  10. Moody Matte Polish. Say goodbye to summer sunshine nails! For fall it’s all about the moody matte colors. From muted pink, to deep lilac, nails are showing their shadier side this season.
Are you ready for fall? We are! Tell us in the comments what fall beauty trends you are excited about the most. Sources: Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, Glamour