Celebrating Earth Day

Honor Mother Earth With Eco-Friendly Skincare

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day – plant a tree, install recycling bins in the office place, and adopt meatless Mondays as part of your weekly routine. But did you know you could help Mother Earth through your skincare? If you are a Stemology Beauty, you already are!

Intelligently Organic

By using organic products, you are helping to reduce your environmental impact. You don’t have to worry about flushing chemicals down the drain, because there aren’t any! And organic beauty companies tend to be more eco-conscious in their packaging and distribution operations.

Stemology products are “intelligently organic.” For a product to be labeled organic each ingredient should be certified “organic.” If you understand the term organic, you know that certified organic is an FDA certification used for certifying crops grown to US organic food standards. And, although Stemology has a number of certified organic ingredients in our products, not all of our ingredients are certified organic, as not all ingredients are available in an organic form as food and other botanicals sometimes are. For example ingredients such as water, which makes up a very large percentage of any topical skin care product, hyaluronic acid, alpha lipoic acid, sodium lactate, amino acids, sea algae extracts (and many other wild-harvested ingredients) cannot be a certified organic substance. This is why we, in good conscience, cannot use the term “100% organic” when referencing our formulas. We instead opt for the term “intelligently organic” when speaking of the organic nature of our line so as to be transparent in our communication.

No Microbeads

Microbeads have come under fire lately, and rightfully so! Microbeads are, according to NPR, “tiny bits of plastic, small scrubbing components used in hundreds of personal care products like skin exfoliants and soap.” The problem arises when microbeads are flushed down the drain (i.e. when you rinse them off your skin). Sewage systems are not equipped to remove microplastic. So these miniscule beads remain in the water system, which flows to the ocean. Marine animals often mistake them for fish eggs, a natural part of many sea creature diets, and eat them.

With Stemology you can scrub safely! Our Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher does not contain microbeads. Instead we use organic rice and oat powder to gently exfoliate skin and restore radiance.


At Stemology, we do not use products that were developed using animal testing, nor do we do any animal testing with our products. We do not use ingredients from animal products or by-products except for those produced by live animals such as milk, honey, lanolin, etc.

Cruelty-free products help the planet. According to Eco Living, “By using cruelty free products, you are showing a variety of industries that animals all over the world are not test subjects. Many of the products used on these animals contain non-natural chemicals that can severely burn or even fatally wound animals. No one wants to see animals such as our beloved dogs and cats be harmed, so make sure to only buy products from cruelty free certified companies. Your furry friends will thank you for it.”

All Natural

We are dedicated to the natural origin, purity and safety of the ingredients in our products. We are committed to the use of natural ingredients. In Stemology products you will not find chemical ingredients derived from petroleum, ethoxylates, formaldehyde donors, sulfates, parabens, GMO’s or artificial color.

The cost of chemical-based products is high – not only to our wallet, but also to the Earth and our health. The manufacturing and disposal of chemical-based products pollutes the environment and costs taxpayers millions of dollars in clean up. And users are now seeing the health effects of chemical ingredients including allergies and skin hyper-sensitivity.

So, shop confidently with Stemology. We are as much dedicated to helping preserve our environment as you are to helping you achieve your very best skin at any age! That’s our commitment to you. Happy Earth Day!

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