Celebrating Arbor Day

We ♥ Aspen Bark

In honor of Arbor Day, we at Stemology would like to celebrate one tree in particular that is close to our heart – The Aspen. Aspen wood is white and soft, but fairly strong. It is most notable for its uses in making matches and paper. Shredded aspen wood is also used for packing and stuffing materials. Aspen bark is also popular animal bedding material since it lacks phenols, which are thought to cause respiratory ailments in animals. Aspen trees are native to cold regions with cool summers, and are able to survive forest fires as their roots are below the heat of the fire, which allows new sprouts to grow after the fire burns out! Pretty amazing tree, huh? For centuries the Native Americans used Aspen tree bark for various medicinal purposes including fever reduction, treating burns and healing eczema. The bark is rich in salycin, an asprin-like substance, which is considered to be analgesic, anti-inflammatory, calming and healing. Here at Stemology, we love the Aspen tree because of its bark extract, which we use in many of our products. Aspen Bark is a naturally derived botanical extract that offers an alternative to traditional preservative systems. And best of all, it can be extracted without harming the tree! Skin benefits of Aspen Bark Extract include minimizing the appearance of pores and imparting a silky, smooth feel to skin. Craving a little more Aspen Bark Extract in your life? Hop on over to our shop and purchase these Stemology products that feature the miracle of the Aspen – Aspen Bark Extract. Happy Arbor Day! Sources: Wikipedia, The Herbarie, Truth in Aging