Dr. Hal Simeroth, Ph.D
Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Hal H. Simeroth, Ph.D. is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer for Stemology, also acting as lead formulator for the Stemology product line. Dr. Simeroth has been performing research and product development in skin science over the past twelve years. During this time, he has consulted for, or worked for, four skin care companies, and designed a number of skin care product lines, which includes the latest Stemology product line. Through this twelve-year period Dr. Simeroth has focused his research on the application of stem cell technology in skin care and continues to do so. His work in formulation led to the initiation and use of a new complex of ingredients that, when combined with growth enhancing ingredients, derived in part from the most advanced stem cell research and technologies, enable the formulated combination of ingredients to enhance, more effectively, the body’s natural “call to repair” response. These unique, growth-enhancing secretions, along with the concomitant performance-enhancing ingredients, are uniquely designed for use in Stemology anti-aging skin care products.

An expert research scientist and research engineer, Dr. Simeroth’s career has spanned more than forty years including experience at both the scientific researcher level and at the director and Vice President of Research level. From June 2004, to June 2008, Dr. Simeroth managed three research projects, all with a focus in biochemistry. At the State University of New York – Buffalo, he helped develop university research patents into a unique cellular identification methodology for detecting molecular level biochemicals. At the University of Texas, Austin he managed a corporate-sponsored research project, which led to a unique bacterial fabrication for use as artificial skin for burn victims. And in cooperation with the University of Dayton research labs, he directed a team developing a unique chemical sensing device.

Dr. Simeroth also, over a previous twenty-year period, has served as Vice President of Research and Development for four large public companies: Eagle Technologies, MSI Data Corporation, Encad Corporation, and Symbol Technologies.

Dr. Simeroth received his Ph.D. in ethics, with a focus in bioethics, from the University of Southern California (USC). Prior to that he completed studies in the Master of Science Engineering Graduate Program of California State University, Fullerton, plus management studies at California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), and also attended a special research graduate program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Simeroth received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from California State University, Long Beach. He currently resides in Dana Point, Calif.

Julie Simeroth
Co-Founder, President

Julie Simeroth is the co-founder of Stemology Products and has served for the past 11 years in the areas of customer management and business development. Having been the sole proprietor of several businesses, Julie has over 40 years’ experience in the areas of retail, holistic health, skin care and education. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development from California State University, Fullerton.

Rodney D. Stroope, PE
Manufacturing & Special Projects

Rodney Stroope is a registered engineer with a long career in creating and managing large projects and multi-billion dollar programs for several private and governmental entities. He is in his eighth year of collaborating with the founders of Stemology Skincare and oversees packaging procurement and implementation as well as coordination of contract manufacturers and special projects as needed. Rod is a veteran of 40 years in project engineering and is committed to fostering and maintaining lasting and beneficial relationships with our service and product suppliers so that the customer benefits from the highest quality skincare product.

Kim Wellen

Kim Wellen has had a lifelong interest in health and wellbeing and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obisbo. She worked in the Pharmaceutical industry with Abbott Labs for 11 years before she joined the Stemology team. Kim has been an integral part of our team for the past 10 years, providing R & D support and managing the lab.