Wintertime Skin Care

Just as summer presents certain environmental stresses on our skin, wintertime brings its own stresses as well. The major issue with our skin in the winter is dryness. A study of 80 healthy subjects, half male and half female demonstrated that winter weather conditions cause facial skin to become drier and more textured than during warmer months. Commenting on the study, Jacob Thyssen, M.D. said, “this study shows clearly that the skin barrier is affected by climatic and seasonal changes. Both children and adults suffer from red cheeks in the winter in northern latitudes and some may even develop more permanent skin conditions such as atopic eczema and rosacea.” The damage to the skin barrier and skin dryness can lead to chronic dry skin, called Xerosis, and Xerosis could ultimately lead to atopic eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, demonstrating that dry skin requires attention prior to deteriorating into skin disease. A recent Harris poll asked 2000 adults how they feel about dry skin during winter. The results were …

  • 42% of Americans said having dry skin in the winter is one of the things they dislike most, while 37% said going to the DMV and 32% said filing taxes.
  • 25% of Americans admit to neglecting a skin care routine.
  • 15% admit to never moisturizing their skin at all, while 30% moisturize less than once a week.
  • 34% add moisturizer to their skin care routine in the wintertime.
  • 57% of Americans feel healthy skin is more important than staying up-to-date on social media.

Your skin needs both hydration (water) and lipids (oils) especially in the winter period. The best answer to this problem is our award winning, very popular, Stemology Moisture Complete with SRC-7 for daytime use, and Stemology Hydroplus Night Repair Cream for sleep time. These two together will keep your skin hydrated and your complexion radiant even through the tough winter months. For extra help some like to add Stemology Renovare’ Facial Oil as a boost providing additional oils to soothe and protect the skin from the cold, dry air. Some apply the Facial Oil, every time they go outside in the cold air, to provide a protective film of lipids during exposure.

Skin dryness is one of the greatest contributors to skin aging. Keep your skin moist and supple with Stemology skin products and prevent the damage of winter dryness, and premature skin aging.