Why Would I Put Oil On My Face?

Why would I put oil on my face?
The simple answer is – You need it!   The outermost layers of your skin is known as the acid mantle.  This special guardian of your skin controls what can go into your skin and what needs to stay out. It provides an important “barrier” function.  It also keeps your skin soft and supple, while providing a balancing function to keep your skin healthy.  This acid mantle is primarily made out of oil!  Or, lipids, if we use the more technical term.  Ceramides, which are a special type of lipid, make up about 50% of your outer skin (the stratum corneum).  Ceramides act as a “cement” to hold the skin barrier together.   When we are young our glands in the skin produce enough sebum to keep our skin supplied with necessary lipids and maintain a healthy balance.  Sometimes those glands are too active and we have an “oily” skin condition.  For most of us, as we age, the natural oil production slows down and we get dry skin … a condition that comes from both lack of water and lack of lipids.  Ceramides are made from lipids in the skin.  Some skin care products offer ceramides in their products, but these are of no value because topically applied ceramides do not integrate into the skin.  Your skin must make them.  Instead, the building blocks for ceramides, fatty acid lipids, should be applied giving your skin what is needed to make ceramides.

What does a facial oil do?
Your skin needs lipids (oil) as much as it needs water.  When there is a lack of the needed oil, your skin barrier function is disrupted, your skin loses plumpness and appears to sag.  The ceramides in your skin, which are important contributors to the barrier function, and are made from available lipids in your skin, are reduced and your acid mantle is disrupted.  None of this is good; and can lead to Xerosis (chronic dry skin), along with an unhealthy skin appearance.  Application of high quality oils will provide needed lipids, help restore your skin barrier function, aid ceramide production and improve facial appearance.

Who needs facial oil the most?
If you have naturally oily skin then you need not read any further.  But if you are like most folks (especially after puberty) and your skin has become dry, or if you live in a dry, desert-like climate, you should provide additional lipids for your skin.  Stemology Renovare’ Facial Oil is specifically designed to provide these needed oils in a light, fast penetrating, non-greasy formula.  Renovare’™ Facial oil is an all-natural, organic blend of luxurious, cold pressed plant oils and emollients with patented, science based, active ingredients that provide needed lipids, reduce wrinkle appearance and revive your skin’s stem cell activity.  Many of these plant oils (such as Chia seed, Pumpkin seed and Argan) provide needed Omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids (EFA) that the body cannot produce.  These EFA’s provide lipids that the skin can use to make needed ceramides for a healthy skin barrier function and good skin health.  Plus Stemology “full spectrum” Hemp extract provides both EFA’s and outstanding phytochemicals for a healthy skin balance.

How often should I use facial oil?
It depends on how severe your dry skin problems are.  Most folks will benefit from a once-a-day application; but if you continue to notice your skin getting drier as you go through the day then additional applications may be needed, especially as your skin barrier is in repair.  You can apply not only on face but on neck and chest area as well, if desired.  The only issue with overuse is the possible development of clogged pores, and/or blemishes.  It this occurs then cut back on usage immediately and cleanse pores with Stemology Foaming Facial Wash and Stemology Polisher.

Renovare’ is the Latin word for “renewal,” which is what this product is all about.  Renew and restore the lipids in your skin and maintain a healthy skin barrier function.  From the first application you will experience immediate appearance improvement.  Continued use will provide long term lasting results.