How to Keep a Clear Complexion and Prevent Blemishes

In the previous blog we spoke of the conditions which can contribute to complexion appearance problems and arrived at the following conclusion … keeping a clear complexion begins with keeping your pores clean, your dead skin cells exfoliated, your bacteria growth under control, and your skin oil from overproducing and building up in the outer layers (the stratum corneum).  This is the best natural approach to a healthy complexion and improved appearance. 

According to the FDA, Acne is classified as a disease and is treated by prescription medication.  This medication is sometimes unhealthy for the skin.  One of the more popular medications used is Benzoyl Peroxide, which must be highly regulated in terms of percentage concentration because it can be cytotoxic.  This chemical compound is a strong oxidant that can promote DNA mutations and sometimes actually aggravate an acne problem.  It is not healthy for the skin; and can cause dryness and disruption of the skin barrier.  Many medications also contain alcohol which will dry out the skin, create an unhealthy environment and lead to a negative appearance.  Although there are instances where such prescribed treatments may be necessary as a medical solution, it would appear much wiser to address the conditions in advance that lead to the problem. 

Although Stemology Skin Care products do not make any medical claims to treat or heal Acne as a disease, we believe there are natural ways to improve complexion appearance by means of pore cleansing, exfoliating, reduction of bacteria, and reduction of excess oil buildup.  This will provide a healthy, clear complexion and eliminate conditions leading to undesirable appearance problems.  Very soon Stemology will be announcing a new Clarifying Face Wash that will have all the benefits of our older popular Facial Wash plus additional new ingredients to aid in pore refinement, pore cleansing, exfoliation, and sebum reduction.  This new formulation has 2% niacinamide (vitamin B3).  In a published study 2% niacinamide was reported to reduce sebum by 30% after four weeks of use.  It also has a special complex of green and black tea polyphenols (3.5%); in another study an emulsion containing 3% green tea polyphenols reduced sebum by 35% after four weeks of use.  Adding to these, an additional amount of Nano silver for bacterial control, extra foaming power for pore cleansing and debris removal, and gentle exfoliation with natural fruit acids and natural salicylic acid, and you have an outstanding combination for clear complexion, refining of pores, and prevention of blemishes.  A new product announcement will be coming soon which will introduce our new Clarifying Face Wash, plus an exciting new regimen we call our Clear Complexion Combo.  Watch for it!