Love Your Face


There is no greater word to a consumer of any kind. We know this, we get this. Love Your Face. Use coupon code: love19 to receive 20% off orders of $150 or more. Here's the thing, Stemology products are incredible. We have testimony after testimony from users who have seen and felt the marked difference Stemology has made to their skin. We love hearing and sharing these stories. We price our products as affordably as possible. Our all-natural, organic products improve the appearance of your skin. They reduce the need of painful injections and invasive surgeries many individuals feel are necessary to look youthful. Your skin knows what it needs to do, it just needs a boost. And that's exactly what Stemology gives to your skin: a boost and a reminder of the work your epidermal stem cells are supposed to be doing. Check out our latest release: Cell Revive Serum Complete with SCR-7. Read more about this product release here.


Yep, to celebrate LOVE - the Day of Love - Valentine's Day, we are having a site-wide sale. 20% off orders of $150 or more. We think it's time you Love Your Face. Seriously, love your face and the best way to show love is by showing care. Care for your face by taking care & giving care: use products that give back to your face - restore and stimulate epidermal functions. One young user, a 21-year old male, recently proclaimed his love of Stemology Stem Cell Serum, "Nothing has worked better to take care of my face and adult acne. it seemed that I consistently sunburned my nose as a young boy, Stemology has helped alleviate the concern I have for my future skin issues. And using the foaming facial wash has cleared up the acne I always seemed to be fighting." It's pretty cool when a Gen Z-er loves your product and understands the benefits, even at such a young age. We love seeing young women and young men take a proactive approach to their skin care.

Love Your Face.

It really is pretty simple. The best time to start taking better care of your face is right now. And this sale is your chance to try our products 20% below our normal prices. Use coupon code: love19 at checkout. It doesn't get much better than that.

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