Undo Summer Damage

10 Ways To Restore Your Skin and Yourself By Fall

Summer is the time for sun and fun, which often means breaking routines and letting good habits slide. Undo the damage summer may have caused you with these 10 ways to get back on track after the celebration of summer.
  1. Reclaim your skin. Sun, salt water, chlorine and heat can all wreak havoc on your skin during summer. Stop environmental aggressors from aging your skin with our Cell Renew EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème. Its revolutionary formula is a unique blend of cell nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, which moisturize and protect skin from free radical damage before and/or after exposure to environmental aggressors.
  2. Reset your goals. Traditionally summer is a time of taking a break from our normal routines. But, taking our attention off of our goals can stop our hard-earned progress in its tracks. Review the goals you created for this year and reset your intentions. Get back on track and keep working toward the skin of your dreams!
  3. Reverse your sun damage. After that beautiful bronze tan fades, your skin is likely left with an uneven tone, dark spots and premature aging. Reverse your sun damage with Cell Revive Brightening Serum, which lightens and brightens skin naturally, without harsh chemicals. It’s Tri-Bright technology aids in the reduction of hyperpigmentation, with noticeable improvement in as little as 14 days!
  4. Remove the toxins. From what you ate on vacation, to what you drank on the beach, to the UV rays your body absorbed, after three months of sun and fun, your body is likely full of toxins. My friend, it’s time for a cleanse.
  5. Recheck your moles. After months spent in the sun, and perhaps a sunburn or two, it’s time to recheck your moles for signs of skin cancer. Do a simple at home check, and don’t forget to have someone you trust check the places you can’t see. If you notice anything suspicious, make an appointment with your dermatologist right away.
  6. Restock your fridge and pantry. Undo your summer skin damage from the inside out by eating lean and clean. Dump those processed snacks. Throw out those late night frozen treats. And, yes, pour out the alcohol. Restock your pantry and fridge with healthy food and drinks that will support your body in building strong, healthy cells and repairing summer damage.
  7. Recommit to your fitness routine. In the mad rush to bikini season, your gym attendance could have got you nominated for a Best Member Attendance award. However, once the summer fun arrived, your gym routine was probably traded in for BBQ’s and beach days. If you haven’t been working out for three months, you have likely lost a lot of strength and endurance. Set small goals and build upon them. Skin loves to sweat it out!
  8. Recycle your summer purchases. Don’t throw your summer-specific purchases away, upcycle them! Turn your beach reads into an iPhone charger or a coaster set. Purchased and consumed your fair share of wine this summer? Turn the corks into planters and the bottles into tiki torches. Have a stack of maps from your road trip? Reuse them as gift wrap or as wall art. Nothing needs to go to waste!
  9. Reflect on the season. Summer is season of memories. Don’t let them fade with time. Take a moment to reflect on your amazing summer. Journal about your adventures. Take time to organize pictures from your vacations. And create a book to preserve and share them.
  10. Relax and recharge. Though you may have spent a good amount of your summer on vacation, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to get back to the grind. Schedule a spa day at the end of summer. Get a professional facial to help your skin heal from the sun damage. And recharge your mind, body and spirit, before heading into the fall season.
Undo your summer damage and your mind, skin and energy will be ready to take on autumn!