Stemology Skin Science™ - How It All Began

The Very Beginning

In 2005 – 2007, Dr. Hal Simeroth was supervising a research project at the University of Texas which had applications in producing artificial skin for burn victims and other serious wounds. From this initial effort, he began to work with two other medical researchers, both medical doctors, to develop other potential solutions for skin renewal and regeneration.

A Scientific Solution for Skin Repair and Regeneration

One of these potential solutions involved the application of stem cell technology. Out of this research work, a promising solution using important signaling peptides from human stem cells appeared quite feasible. A large body of scientific work was being done in the area of stem cell renewal of tissues, and this research work coupled with the discoveries above, led to a scientific solution for skin repair and regeneration that proved very promising. In 2009 the first clinical tests were initiated, supervised by a medical doctor, two experienced aesthetic nurses, and Dr. Simeroth. The results of these first tests were impressive.

And So it Began

The skin care products resulting from this scientific research became the very first Stemology® products. Each product was designed based upon scientific studies and or clinical testing. Dr. Simeroth established a design criteria which required all actives used in Stemology products to be scientifically verified with studies or tests, and the concentrations of these actives to, at least, be equal to that used in these tests or recommended by the particular scientific study. Each product was designed to address primary skin problems and issues such as … thinning skin, loss of collagen and elastin, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, loss of skin radiance, protection from exposure, or lack of hydration. Each of these problems was addressed from a skin science perspective.
  • What was skin research telling us about how to mitigate these problems?
  • What unique ingredients were proven by studies to be efficacious in addressing these problems?
  • How could skin science restore aging skin with a healthy and youthful appearance?
Working with esteemed skin care professionals, Dermatologists, and Cosmetic Surgeons, who were providing input and testing help, Stemology Skin Science™ developed a body of knowledge and scientific approaches that proved to be very effective in the design of Stemology products.

Out of this body of scientific knowledge, the Stemology product line emerged, and grew.

Today, Stemology Skin Science™ builds upon the latest research conducted by universities and private laboratories throughout the world. Constant advances in knowledge and methods discovered in stem cell science, in dermal science, and in the botanical sciences continue to inform Stemology Skin Science™. We are creating a rapidly growing and advancing body of knowledge that continues to evolve as more and more discoveries are made, while adhering to our ethics policy and guidelines. We are committed to incorporating this advancing body of knowledge into even better, more excellent products that provide the best results possible, and give our users access to the best science available. From time to time, you will see Stemology products that are quite successful being revised and upgraded with the latest and best … not because of weakness in the product, but due to an ongoing striving to make it better as the science progresses. Our goal is always to provide our customers the best science available for skin care and to be always leaders in our technical field.

Welcome to Stemology Skin Science™