Your Skin Care Routine

How many times have you thought, when applying your skin care routine … Do I really need to apply all of these various products?

Do I need an exfoliating serum? Do I need an antioxidant serum? Do I need a hyaluronic acid serum? Do I need a collagen serum? Do I need a Vitamin C serum? Do I need a dark spot serum? … Many skin care suppliers design and sell their products in this way. Focusing on one particular aspect of skin care needs in a single product, they provide a number of single function products that you can buy and layer on, in order to address all the various needs of your skin. This is both time-consuming and expensive. There must be a better way.

To have healthy and attractive skin do you need antioxidants? Yes, you do. Do you need hyaluronic acid? Yes, you probably do. Do you need collagen? Yes, if over 30, you do? Do you need Vitamin C? Yes. And so on … the needs continue based upon your desired facial appearance goals. What if there was a single serum that provided all these needs, plus more? And not in small amounts, but in a generous portion for each need. The good news is that there is such a product … Stemology® Serum Complete with SRC-7. In one serum you can address all the needs and aging concerns for your skin … thinning skin, collagen loss, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines, loss of moisture, loss of radiance, enlarged pores, skin softness, and antioxidant protection. Does it have Vitamin C? Yes, stabilized for maximum efficacy. How about Hyaluronic Acid? Yes, in two forms for maximum effectiveness. What about antioxidants? Yes, a complex of nine natural sourced antioxidants for cell protection. Is there collagen as well? Yes, collagen amino peptides from non-animal sources. Does it address skin lightening and dark spots? Yes … brightening, lightening and evening of skin tone with ten outstanding actives that are scientifically proven to lighten dark spots and even skin tone. What about moisturizing? Excellent protection from skin dryness with outstanding moisturizing from humectants, emollients, plant saccharides, and amino acids. How about exfoliation for complexion radiance? Yes … five unique plant enzymes and a natural plant “retinol” to gently assist epidermal “turnover” and provide a radiant complexion

And, there is more, much more, in Serum Complete … A patented, 100% natural derivative from Sunflower Oil that is clinically shown to provide immediate reduction in wrinkle appearance. Two patented peptides tested and proven to noticeably firm and tighten skin in less than eight weeks. a powerful phytonutrient that shows strong activity on aged and stressed skin cells with excellent rejuvenation properties. And saving the best for last … Stemology SRC-7, a patent-pending complex of four stem cell technology actives (clinically tested) and three helper ingredients to revitalize your skin’s stem cells and improve skin and collagen renewal. You will find nothing like this product anywhere!

So why not stop buying all those single function products and simplify your life, while feeling assured you are giving your skin all it needs for a healthy, youthful appearance. Stemology Serum Complete comes in two airless bottle sizes – 17 grams and 32 grams with retail pricing of $65 and $110 respectively. Available at high end spas and skin treatment centers as well as top cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist offices. Also available online at

Dr. Hal Simeroth Research & Development