10 Steps to Remove Damaging Halloween Makeup

Don’t Let Your Halloween Makeup Removal Become A Nightmare For Your Skin

Dressing up for Halloween can be great fun, but returning to normal at the end of the night – including removing loads of Halloween hair and makeup products – can be a nightmare! To avoid looking like something out of The Night of the Living Dead the next morning, use our 10 steps to removing Halloween makeup for calm, refreshed, beautiful skin on November 1st.
  1. Know what type of makeup you are wearing. Before you even purchase your Halloween makeup, read the label to find out what’s in it. Check out our list of ingredients to avoid here. Make sure the makeup you chose to put on your face (or the face of your children) is safe and healthy.
  2. Remove adhesives. Witch nose? Bald cap? Scary scar? Most facial prosthetics are applied with Spirit Gum. So when purchasing that fake mole or third eye, add the Spirit Gum adhesive remover to your cart at the same time. When removing your prosthetic, take your time. This is not the step you want to rush as doing so could create irritation or worse, a superficial wound.
  3. Skip the baby oil. An old wives tale is to remove cake makeup or adhesive glue with baby oil. However, most makeup products these days are water based. And, as you probably know, water and oil don’t mix. So instead of removing your makeup, baby oil will just create a mess on your face. Instead, choose a good foaming cleanser to clam, soothe and cleanse skin gently (see step 7) and if there is any residual staining on your skin after cleansing, put some baby oil on a cotton ball and lightly rub it on your skin.
  4. Get off glitter. We all love the sparkle, but we don’t know one person who loves to try and clean it up…especially when it is on your face! Want to know the secret to easy removal? Scotch tape. That’s right! The same tape that you used to wrap up the last birthday present you gave is your savior when it comes to glitter makeup. Take a piece of tape, roll it around your fingers and gently press and lift the glitter areas on your face. It will come right up – and it won’t hurt your skin!
  5. Remove False Lashes. Now that any prosthetics, adhesives and sparkle has been removed, start your first round of cleansing with our Cell Refresh Foaming Facial Wash. As a bonus, you can also use this product to remove eye makeup and false lashes; use warm water, not hot which can irritate skin, and be gentle.
  6. Cleanse again. Begin to restore lost hydration from makeup application and removal with a second round of cleansing using a good hydrating cleanser. Look for one with gentle, all natural ingredients that help soothe red, dry and/or sensitive skin, like our Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser.
  7. Scrub off the oil brought to the surface of your skin. All this makeup removal is sure to put your skin into overdrive. Refresh your skin’s surface with a good facial scrub, like our Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher. It will help cleanse, renew and smooth skin texture while minimizing irritation with all natural, toxin-free ingredients.
  8. Tone to help restore skin’s pH balance. Look for a toner that is alcohol and astringent free, so it doesn’t further irritate your skin but instead restores your skin’s natural pH level. We also recommend using a gel toner as opposed to a spray toner to ensure ocular safety.
  9. Moisturize. Rehydrate skin with a rich moisturizer that hydrates skin in three ways – by attracting water, binding it to the skin, and preventing future moisture loss. Since you are undoubtedly coming from Halloween night festivities, look for a product that is formulated specifically as an overnight moisturizer and will continue working as you sleep.
  10. Finally, calm any additional irritation. If your skin is still recovering from it’s fun Halloween night, add an additional layer of a repair and restore crème to help calm irritated or inflamed skin. Try our EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème who’s ingredients are clinically proven to reduce skin inflammation by 31%.*
Happy Halloween! *Study results on file.