Recipe for Spring Beauty

Spring into Health

As of today, spring has officially sprung! It’s time to put away those winter clothes – well for some of the nation - and inhale the fragrance of spring. Beside the warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, another welcome sign of spring is the abundance of color in the produce aisles. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with the seasonal fruits and vegetables that work overtime to not only taste great, but also deliver substantial vitamins and nutrients to keep you young and healthy. So, this spring when you are cruising through the produce aisle, make sure you pick up some of the following:


Low in fat and high in fiber, these tender stalks are a good antioxidant source with a helping of iron, B vitamins, and vitamin C.

Sweet Cherries

Sweet cherries are high in fiber and potassium, while remaining low in calories. Just 1 cup of sweet cherries is only 100 calories!


One cup of sliced red radishes will give you 30% of your daily vitamin C requirement in less than 25 calories. Now that’s a great snack option!

Fava Beans

Due to their high protein and fiber content, fava beans help to keep you feeling full for longer.


For a boost of beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin C, and fiber, all in a sweet 50-calorie bundle, be sure to bring home apricots from the farmers' market or grocery store.


A 2-ounce serving (approximately the size of the bottom of one large artichoke) has about 3 grams of fiber and just 25 calories. Artichokes are also a good source of iron, potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamin C. Adding a few of these spring fruits and vegetables to your diet will help you break through those drab winter meals and keep you feeling healthy and great this spring, into summer and beyond! What is your favorite spring fruit or vegetable? Tell us in the comments!