Pumpkin Perfection

Our Five Favorite Pumpkin Products

With Autumn arriving comes everyone’s favorite seasonal specialty – pumpkin! And the Stemology offices are celebrating the limitless possibilities of this vegetable. So we rounded up some of our staff’s favorite pumpkin products to help you get into the fall spirit!
  1. Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice Tea: A robust gathering of black tea with classic chai and pumpkin spices, this drink is perfect for the fall season.
  1. The Tiny Collection Pumpkin Soufflé All Natural Soy Candle: All natural, eco friendly and made in the USA, you can enjoy the candle’s warm pumpkin sent while feeling good about your purchase – each candle you buy helps an animal in need through the ASPCA.
  1. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter: A fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free seasonal treat.
  1. Stemology Cell Reboot Ageless Mask: Pumpkin (aka Cucurbita pepo) helps this breakthrough skin care formula exfoliate, tighten, lift and cleanse, revealing brighter, more radiant skin in just one use.*
  1. Pumpkin Pie Greeting Cards: It’s important to be thankful for the little things – including homemade pumpkin pie and those people you love. What better way to say it than with these adorable note cards?
So, this season we are thankful for all things Pumpkin. Tell us in the comments, What are some of your favorite pumpkin products? *Study on file.