Is Old The New Young?

Looking Deeper Into the Pro-Aging Movement

Recently, an article crossed our desk that piqued our interest. The headline read “The Pro-Ageing Movement: The Beauty of Being Old.” As the anti-aging beauty market has become a multi-million dollar business over the past decade, this “celebrate your true age” take on aging had us standing up and cheering.

According to researcher Maria Fernandez, age is now being perceived as another step in women’s liberation. Women are tired of striving for perfection and society’s concept of beauty. (Can we get a hallelujah?!) Instead, the latest generation to cross into maturity wants to look healthy and be honest about their age. This change in perception is helping mature women embrace their self-expression and relieve themselves from the pursuit of perfection that has women striving to look eternally twenty-something.

This pro-aging movement has women embracing their body’s changes, while staying healthy through exercising and nutritional eating. It has them keeping their wrinkles (no more Botox!) but wanting to strengthen and protect their skin. It has them denying the hair dye in order to embrace the white, grey and silver in their hair.

And Hollywood – of all places - is getting into the anti-anti-aging movement too. In a piece written for The Huffington Post, Jamie Lee-Curtis expounds her thoughts on anti-aging saying that there are many things to be “anti” about, such as anti-discrimination and anti-poverty. But anti-aging shouldn’t be one of them.

“I am appalled that the term we use to talk about aging is ‘anti.’ Aging is as natural as a baby’s softness and scent,” said actress Jamie Lee-Curtis. “If I am now looking at myself…and miss the good old days, that would be a wasted life. This life, my only one, is not to be squandered by…scientific ways to stop or slow the aging process.”

Could 2015 be the beginning of Americans embracing the pro-aging movement? As a culture that has continuously strived for the youngest, newest and prettiest, we are far behind other countries that celebrate the eldest, wisest and most experienced.

We, for one, are thrilled that women are beginning to embrace their age instead of fighting against it. At Stemology our mission is to help you be the best YOU that you can be. Our products help to rehabilitate skin, strengthen skin and protect skin, all in a natural, healthy and ethical manner.

So, if you ask us if 2015 is the year of pro-aging, we say, “2015? We’ve always been pro-aging! Welcome to the party!”

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Image courtesy of Cosmetics Design-Europe.