No Makeup Beauty Routine

Celebrate Summer Without Makeup

Sun, salt water, sand, boating, swimming…all conditions that are not conducive to wearing makeup. That’s why this year we encourage you to prepare your skin to go makeup free during the summer. How great would it be to look beautiful, feel confident and never have to worry about your mascara running? It’s possible with our makeup free beauty plan!

Get Your Skin In Prime Condition

The basis of going makeup free is beautiful skin. Luckily we’ve got you covered here! Order our NEW Makeup Independence Regimen. You’ll see better skin in just a few weeks. And the longer you use it, the better your skin will get.

Invest In A Dual Purpose Moisturizer

You’ve got your skin in check, now let’s give it a dewy glow while also protecting it! Our new SunVeil™ Complete OneTint™ Moisturizer protects skin with an SPF 17, delivers deep hydration and evens the appearance of skin tone.

Lash Out

Mascara – even waterproof – is the enemy of all outdoor and water activities. Invest in permanent lash extensions for the summer. No more mascara. No more clumping or flaking. Just long, luscious lashes. Use a Lip Balm With Tint Give your lips a rosy glow while keeping them moist. One of our favorite is Sugar Ruby Tinted Lip Treatment from Fresh Cosmetics. It has just the perfect amount of color, and an SPF 15 so your lips can look sun kissed, not sun burned.

Wax On, Wax Off

Get those brows in check! Without any eye makeup to distract from your brows, make sure they are lean and clean. Schedule a brow reshaping at the beginning of summer and then keep up the maintenance all season long to ensure beautiful, makeup-free brows.

Smooth Sailing

There is nothing worse than going out into direct sunlight, seeing your reflection and realizing you have a mustache! Eeeek! Invest in laser hair removal to get any rogue dark facial hairs or sugaring to clean up that peach fuzz. But beware, any time you have a laser treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight for a few days. So make sure to start early in the season and always wear your SPF. Going makeup-free is easy and beautiful. Show us your makeup-free pictures on Instagram and you could win Stemology products! Tag your pictures with #MakeupFreeMonday to enter.