New Year’s Resolution

Are You Ready to Resolve?

We’re embarking on another New Year and, more than likely, another New Year's Resolution. But are you really ready to resolve? Or will your resolution fall to the wayside by January 31? Take our quiz to find out.
  1. My New Year’s resolution is something that:
    1. I really want to achieve.
    2. I feel pressure from others to achieve.
  2. My New Year’s resolution is:
    1. SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive.
    2. Broad, wishful, ambiguous, not time-sensitive.
  3. I am willing to:
    1. Share my New Year’s resolution with friends.
    2. Only keep my New Year’s resolution to myself.
  4. My New Year’s resolution is something that:
    1. I’ve had success with improving in the past.
    2. I’ve tried to achieve many times and failed.
  5. The success of my New Year’s resolution depends on:
    1. My actions and me.
    2. Forces, people or circumstances outside of myself.
  6. When my New Year’s resolution becomes difficult, I:
    1. Know where to look for or go to for help.
    2. Actually don’t think it will ever become difficult.
  7. I know my New Year’s Resolution and:
    1. I know my first three action steps.
    2. That should be enough.
  8. I am willing to:
    1. Be held accountable to my New Year’s resolution by others.
    2. Hold myself accountable to my New Year’s resolution.
If you answered mostly “1,” you are ready to resolve! If you answered mostly “2,” take some more time to think through your New Year’s resolution before taking action. The success of attaining your New Year’s Resolution depends mostly on you! Forbes reported that making your New Year’s resolution stick in 2016 will be helped if you:
  • Set short term goals
  • Write your goals down
  • Share your goals with a friend or friends
  • Get started early
  • Identify the most important action step to take to achieve your goal
  • Determine a way to hold yourself accountable
Come February, if you find you are struggling with keeping your New Year’s resolution, check out Tiny Buddha’s perspective on setting New Year’s resolutions, and consider this quote: If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results. – Jack Dixon Happy New Year everyone!