Introducing New Cell Revive Collagen Complete

Make A Smooth Resolution

Make a “smooth resolution” this year with our all-new Cell Revive Collagen Complete with StemCore-3. This technologically advanced serum is a complete collagen solution, formulated to support skin’s natural collagen building process, while assisting in stimulating new collagen formation. Collagen Complete utilizes clinically proven proprietary lab engineered non-animal, single strand soluble collagen, resulting in fuller, plumper looking skin immediately and over time.

By The Numbers

  • Award winning ingredient, Neodermyl, steps up collagen production, delivering results equivalent to one injection of collagen filler in just 2 weeks*
  • Soluble collagen, a unique laboratory produced building block of collagen, adds usable protein to the cellular matrix of the skin to attract water and plump skin’s appearance, while also increasing the long term formation of dermal collagen for reduction of wrinkle appearance and improvement in skin firmness
  • Single strand pre-collagen peptides aid in the renewed production of new collagen formation for firmer, smoother looking skin
  • Clinically proven botanicals help stimulate collagen growth and epidermal cell renewal, similarly to retinol, without the irritation and sensitivity*
  • 100% of users reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 8 weeks*

No Pain, All Gain!

Collagen. You need it – no, you really need it. Why? Well, collagen is the foundation for the structure of the skin, and as we age, not only do we produce less of it, but the collagen we have gets weaker and thinner (think a tennis net that is torn, stretched, saggy and weathered and, well, you get the idea). Collagen Complete gives your skin a fighting chance, thanks to a two-fold process, protecting the collagen you have and encouraging your skin to produce more – faster than it would naturally. And did we mention injection-like results? Yep. Collagen Complete contains an award winning ingredient shown to deliver results equivalent to one injection of collagen filler in just 2 weeks*. No pain, all gain!

Face Facts

Forget last generation collagen serums where collagen’s molecular structure is too large to penetrate. Hydrolized, animal based collagen solutions are so yesterday. No need to live in the dark ages another day. Collagen Complete features the very latest technology available to effectively mimic collagen production. Laboratory produced, soluble collagen is structurally and biologically very similar to human collagen, making it much more suitable than animal based alternatives, and it’s broken down in the proper chain sequence to ensure it can get in the skin to do its job. Plus, it has been clinically shown to penetrate into the skin to plump skin and reduce wrinkles – and has a long-term impact on collagen production too. Ace!

Advantage: You

Did we mention the other collagen supporting cast members? Hyaluronic acid, stabilized vitamin-C featuring phospholipid encapsulation for maximum delivery to skin to help further boost collagen production – and organic sulfur to enhance cellular permeability and collagen bundles to strengthen the collagen you have. Weakening, fading collagen doesn’t stand a chance! Add to that clinically proven botanicals to help further stimulate collagen growth and epidermal cell renewal, similarly to retinol but without the irritation and sensitivity, and well, advantage you! You’re aging. We all are. But it doesn’t mean we have to accept the wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and deteriorating skin suppleness we see increasingly each day thanks to weakened and declining collagen. Enlist the newest technology in collagen support, and win back beautifully with Collagen Complete. *Clinical results on file. Results not typical.