Mind, Body, and Spirit

Rest and Recharge for the Upcoming Holidays

As we sit back and reflect on an adventurous summer and begin to move into the holiday season, we realize that this is the perfect opportunity to take time out for what is important in life – caring for our mind, body and spirit. We want to encourage you to do the same and carve some time out from your busy day, sit in quiet solitude and participate in the following mind, body, spirit exercises.

For The Body

You use your body 24 hours a day. Give it some TLC by doing some simple stretches. If you can, get outside in nature, perhaps at a park, in your backyard or wherever you can find a quiet place. Begin by taking deep inhalations and exhalations until you feel your body begin to relax. Take a few stretches that feel good to you. Touch your toes. Reach your arms behind your back. Slowly twist side to side. Whatever starts to relieve the built in tension your body has accumulated in life. Then take a seat and close your eyes. Check in with your physical self. Start at the top of your head and move to the bottom of your feet. Think about each piece of your body. Do you have a headache? Are you clenching your jaw? Is your neck tense? Is your back sore? Are you fatigued? Do your feet hurt? As you identify places in your body where you feel stressed or unwell, imagine a bright golden light filling that place of your body. Imagine that the light is relaxing and healing your body. Believe that you will be well and feel your body relax and be free.

For The Mind

Bring along a journal on your nature relaxation adventure. Once you have checked in and relaxed your physical body, it’s time to clean out your mental faculties. Start to write down anything that is stressing you out. Even if it seems minor – like the driver that cut you off this morning – write it down. Get it out of your head. Once you feel you’ve got it all (or at least most of it) out, write down next to each “I forgive you for the pain you knowingly or unknowingly caused me. Everything between us is now clear.” The purpose of forgiveness is to free yourself from mental anguish, try it. You may be surprised at the results. “When you forgive, you heal. When you let go, you grow.” - Unknown

For The Spirit

Live in gratitude and acknowledgement. So often we are moving through our day at lightening speed, that we don’t see when things that we desire come into our lives (as some would say “answered prayer”). We tend to just take them and keep running along with our daily activities. Stop right now and take a minute. Mentally go through your day so far. What is there to be grateful for? If you can’t think of even one thing, we can – you are here to live another day! Start there and start saying thanks! We also don’t often take the time to stop and acknowledge ourselves for all that we have done in the day. Did you get to the gym? Did you let someone else have that parking spot? Did you go the extra mile at work? All these things should be acknowledged. So GREAT JOB! Mentally go through your day again and write down all the things you can acknowledge yourself for. Remember, the more we acknowledge the good things in our lives, the more good will come to us!