Making Skincare Fun

Livening Up Beauty’s Unsung Hero

Let’s face it (pun intended) - in the world of beauty, skincare is not known as one of the more “fun” categories. Nail care has fun colors and patterns. Makeup has fun seasonal trends in everything from lipstick to lashes. And hair care has crazy style and amazing color options for days. But you can’t really see skincare one someone’s face. It is more skin-concern focused, i.e. “Get rid of these wrinkles!” And it definitely isn’t apparent walking down any runways. Let’s just say skincare is the powerful product behind the curtain, an unsung hero of sorts...and we're ready to make skincare fun! So we got to thinking, what are we missing? Is it true that skincare just isn’t as fun – or are we just missing the fun that’s there? After a deep dive, we’re going with the latter on this one – it’s fun, relaxing, ritualistic, beneficial to mid, body and spriti, and a whole host of other “feel goods.”

Put On A Mask

Jenn Rice of XO Jane wrote one of our favorite features EVER on our Cell Reboot Ageless Mask. Titled 5 Skincare Masks You Can Use As Halloween Masks, Jenn chose Ageless Mask for her costume “Kim Kardashian Getting a Blood Facial” saying “I imagine that the results of this mask are probably way better, and definitely less painful.” She went on to note, “It leaves my skin feeling like a baby’s behind every single time…worth every penny in my humble opinion.” What’s more fun than dressing up on Halloween? Oh, we know! Dressing up and not waking up to dry, icky, dirty skin the next day! So FUN!

Use It for YOU Time

Use your nightly skincare routine for some YOU time. Inform the family that you will be “unreachable” for the next 30 minutes or so. Draw yourself a bath, put on some soothing music, light a candle and grab your favorite mask. Relax and take some time out for you. Mind, body, spirit restored – and baby soft skin too! Now that’s FUN!

GNI (Girl’s Night In)

Make it a Girls Night In (#GNI) with a spa party. Whip up some spa water and organic trail mix, put on your robes, and indulge in facials and pedicures. Hire a local esthetician and massage therapist to come to your home, or give each other a facial and pedicure. Either way it’s great fun bonding with your girlfriends over skincare.

Have Sex

Yep, you read that right. Getting busy improves blood circulation, which helps pump oxygen to the skin, giving it a bright and healthy glow. It also helps eliminate toxins from your body and balances hormones, for clearer, healthier skin. So FUN!

Be Results Oriented

People become skincare junkies because the get addicted to the results. Testing out different products, ingredients, formulations and the latest technology to see what works and what doesn’t is like the best science experiment ever. Put your products to the test and view it as a game. Your skin will be better for it, and it’s FUN. We call that a win-win. How do you make skincare fun? Tell us in the comments. Sources: Glamour, Cosmopolitan