Ella Henderson’s Makeup Artist Spills It All

Summer Skincare Tips from An Industry Pro

With summer right around the corner, we’re ready to look glowing and gorgeous. So, if we want to glow like a celebrity this summer, we figured we better ask someone who is responsible for giving celebrities glowing, gorgeous skin - Celebrity Makeup Artist Brendan Robertson. He has worked on the hair, skin and grooming for Ella Henderson, Chelsea Kane, and many more! Here’s what he had to say… Sun exposure is my first concern as it has such a dramatic effect on the skin. Choosing a good sunscreen is so important, preferably one that has organic ingredients, does not contain chemicals and includes physical sunscreens. Avoid parabens and nanoparticles that can be absorbed in the skin and blood stream. Something with a tint or pigment also helps to aid in blocking sun while perfecting the skin appearance. Stemology SunVeil Complete OneTint is a good one. Ultimately, I suggest limiting your sun exposure period. I limit myself to an hour a day and always wear a hat to protect my face. Stay hydrated. People are aware that they should drink water, but most typically don’t drink enough. This is especially important during the summer months when it’s hot and people are more active. Being hydrated inside, shows on the outside. If you insist on getting a sun kissed glow, do it the faux way. Vita Liberata has nice products for tanning. Use a wash off tan that’s waterproof for a bit of a glow for just one day. The bronzing powder and overnight mask give the look like you’ve had a bit of sun without the damage. 4My clients have the best looking skin when they have a healthy diet, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and are getting enough sleep. These are the things that you can really control that effect skin appearance. Then comes a good skincare regimen on top of that. Skin is the biggest organ of our bodies. Good skin needs to start internally with healthy lifestyle choices. A good skincare regimen really needs to be personal and based off your natural skin type. Find what works for you. Sometimes that takes trial and error. Skincare should make your skin look and feel good and help your makeup stay on nicely. Be willing to switch up products as your skin does change from time to time. Don’t be too rigid, but do what works. A common misconception I see is someone that thinks his or her skin is oily. Come to find that they are using a harsh cleanser and in fact, their skin is dry but overproducing oils to compensate. Don’t take your natural oils away. I like oil based products for this reason. To see more of Brendan Robertson’s work, following him on Instagram @BrendanRobertsonBeauty.