Love Your Hands

Ten Ways to Care for Your Hands

February is the month of love! And here at Stemology, we’re showing some extra special love to some of our body parts that tend to get overlooked when it comes to skincare. As the saying goes, if you want to know someone’s true age…look at their hands. Often forgotten about, but just as exposed to the elements as our face, our hands are generally the first place to reflect our age! They tend to age more rapidly due to the thinner skin on them, and the daily exposure to the elements – yikes! Don’t let your hands give your age away, give them some extra love this February with these 10 tips:
  1. Treat your hands like your face. Include your hands in your morning and evening skincare routine just as you would your face. Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize to keep them look young and fresh.
  2. Use a hand cream that does more than just moisturize. Try our Cell Renew Hand and Nail Crème Complete with StemCore-3. It has been clinically proven to addresses all the signs associated with visible aging of the hands!
  3. Accessorize with gloves. During extreme weather cycles – we’re talking to you East Coast – give your hands the best protection by wearing gloves. A classic pair in black or navy are always in style.
  4. Banish brown spots. You probably don’t realize how often your hands are exposed to the sun – in the car, if you sit next to a window in your office, shopping, etc. And all that sun damage can cause terrible – and noticeable - hyperpigmentation. Restore an even skin tone by using our Cell Revive Brightening Serum twice daily on the backs of your hands.
  5. Don’t forget the SPF! Summer or winter, day or night, make sure to put a minimum of SPF 30 on your hands to protect them from harmful UV rays and other environmental aggressors.
  6. Exfoliate weekly. Encourage the growth of new cells on your hands by exfoliating with our Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher that helps refresh and energize dull skin with all natural, toxin-free ingredients.
  7. Nail it! Bi-weekly manicures are a great way to give your hands a professional spa treatment. Say yes to that paraffin treatment and hello to younger looking – and softer feeling - hands.
  8. Healthy nails start with healthy cuticles. Use a cuticle oil or scientifically formulated hand cream to help heal dry cuticles and build healthier, stronger nails.
  9. Stop the crepe creep! Dry skin can give hands a “crepey” appearance – yuck! Make sure to keep hands hydrated with a moisturizer that contains vitamin C or retinol to build collagen and improve overall texture.
  10. See a professional. As hands age, they can lose enough elasticity that the skin will start to sag. In this case, see a professional dermatologist. Many outpatient treatments are available to help enhance volume in the hands and the loss of fat and elasticity.
What are you going to do to give your hands a little extra love today? Tell us in the comments.