Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

10 Easy and Special Ways to Celebrate Mom

What?! Mother’s Day is this weekend?! As busy wives, mothers, executives and socialites ourselves, sometimes the holidays just sneak up on us. But, don’t worry if you are just now remembering Mother’s Day is this weekend. We’ve got 10 easy and thoughtful last minute Mother’s Day gifts, just for you!
  1. Give her flowers. Though flowers are probably the most traditional of Mother’s Day gifts, show her you put some extra thought into it by picking out the flowers in the bouquet. Consult She Know’s list of the best types of flowers for Mother’s Day for some good options.
  2. Cook her a meal. Traditionally most family cooking has fallen to mom. Give her a meal off by cooking her favorite meal for her. Double the recipe so she can enjoy leftovers the next day.
  3. Organize an experience. You’ve probably heard it said that our memories are the only things we can take with us. So, why not give mom an experience she won’t forget. Perhaps a hot air balloon ride or a cooking class will make this Mother’s Day truly memorable.
  4. Buy her a book. Most mom’s love the chance to relax and read. Pick out a book she’ll love and then set up a perfect reading nook for her. Don’t know where to start? Check out Real Simple’s 17 Mother’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers.
  5. Make her something. With the advent of Pinterest, DIY has never been easier. A quick search of DIY Mother’s Day Gifts brings up thousands of tutorials. And mom will love the time and effort you put into creating a truly unique piece just for her.
  6. Take her shopping. What better way to guarantee mom will get something she loves for Mother’s Day, than to take her out for a shopping day. But we’er sure that her favorite part will be spending the quality time with you.
  7. Plant a garden. Whether it’s an herb or flower garden, take the time to till the soil with mom in her backyard. Then every time she picks the fruits of your labor, she’ll be reminded of you.
  8. Pick up an adult coloring book. We’ll admit, one of our favorite gifts we’ve ever received is an adult coloring book and really good colored pencils. Trust us, your mom will love it!
  9. Play a game or puzzle. Playing a game or putting together a puzzle is a great bonding experience. Pick up mom’s favorite game from her youth or a puzzle that represents what she means to you, put on some tea and enjoy an afternoon of fun.
  10. Share a great bottle of wine. If all else fails, grab a great bottle of wine and share it with mom. We love ONEHOPE wine who gives a percentage of each sale to charity.
Have any other last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? Tell us in the comments.