Improve Your Collagen; Improve Your Skin

Do This One Thing For Your Skin Today

Collagen. You need it – no, you really need it. Why? Well, collagen is the foundation for the structure of the skin, and as we age, not only do we produce less of it, but also the collagen we have gets weaker and thinner (think of a tennis net that is torn, stretched, saggy and weathered and, well, you get the idea). So if you're going to do one thing to improve your skin, you need to improve your collagen. Numerous factors can cause collagen damage including sun, smoking, pollution and injury, according to Live Strong. Thus, injured skin cells fail to synthesize new collagen molecules to replace damaged collagen fibers. Genetics play a role as well in collagen production including chronological aging, hormone depletion and immune suppression all of which affect collagen formation. This can lead to a reverse in the collagen production/destruction ratio, leading the body to break down collagen faster than it can be made. Because collagen protects skin from damage, supporting its function is imperative. So, how do we do this?
  • Wear good sunscreen. Real Health says it best: Daily sunscreen application is just as important as brushing your teeth each morning.
  • Don’t smoke. Archives of Dermatology, December 2007, showed a study of identical twins, one who smoked and one who didn’t. The difference in their skin aging is astonishing.
  • Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses protect eyes from UV damage, prevent squinting and preserve the delicate collagen around the eyes.
  • Avoid sugar. Glycation is a type of chemical reaction when sugar molecules attack your body proteins, lipids or fats. Said simply, sugar destroys your skin.
  • Use the best topical products on the market. We may be biased, but that’s because we know what works. Our new Collagen Complete is a technologically advanced serum formulated to support skin’s natural collagen building process, while assisting in stimulating new collagen formation.
You’re aging. We all are. But it doesn’t mean we have to accept the wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and deteriorating skin suppleness we see increasingly each day thanks to weakened and declining collagen. Enlist the newest technology in collagen support, and win back beautifully with Collagen Complete. How are you protecting the collagen in your skin and improving its production? Tell us in the comments.