The Importance of Toner in Winter

Learn How Toner Will Be Your Skin Savor This Winter

Though the winter air seems refreshing after a long hot summer, it is actually more harmful than helpful to your skin. The dry air sucks the moisture from your skin, which is damaging to the complexion, and robs you of your youthful glow. Because of the dry air it is more important than ever to stick with your skin care regimen during the winter months.

Though following the step-by-step use of your skincare regimen will certainly help save your skin, one of the most important skin care products to have on hand in these chilly months is toner.

Not only does toner remove residue that may have been left behind by your cleanser, but it is the first step in moisturizing your skin. Applying the right toner will moisturize the skin while creating a shield against bacteria, and normalize pH levels in the skin. But be careful for toners that tout alcohol in their ingredient list; alcohol is drying to the skin and can actually make skin feel tight – a sign your skin is too dry.

Stemology’s Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner is an alcohol and astringent-free formula. Made from herbal extracts and natural botanicals, it prepares the skin to receive corrective actives. It also adjusts the skin to the ideal pH levels while hydrating the skin through cold pressed plant oils and hyaluronic acid.

When washing your face, it is also important to remember that hot water dries out the skin. Use lukewarm temperature water for the best results, and immediately apply toner while the skin is still wet. This will provide the best results for moisturized skin and will help to close your pores with a protective barrier.

This winter, remember the benefit of toner; your dry skin’s best friend. It will leave skin feeling refreshed and leave you surprised at how soft and healthy your face feels. Remember, hydrated skin is beautiful skin – and beautiful skin is always in!