Holiday Gift Guide

Get the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

The wintery temperatures are blowing in, tree decorations have been hung, candles lit, and holiday lights are twinkling outside, reminding us that we still have people on our gift list to shop for. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a gift-giving guide to help us buy appropriate gifts for all of the different personalities on our holiday list?

Of course the holidays would certainly go smoother if there were a one-size-fits-all gift. But isn’t the joy of gift giving finding that tailor-made present for someone you appreciate or love, and seeing them light up with joy when they open it? We think so, which is why we created a holiday guide with the perfect skincare gifts that are sure to suit a wide cast of characters on your list:

  1. The Adventurer. Kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, hiking and other outdoors activities certainly are exhilarating. But excessive exposure to the sun without SPF 15 or higher sunscreen (and a proper skincare regimen) may leave skin looking dull and discolored. The Brighten Up Skincare Regimen restores skin’s youthful radiance and also fades dark sunspots – and it keeps skin merry and bright all year long!
  2. The Jet-setter. Every week or month they’re in another city, state or country. We all know this person. They practically live in the airport. Air travel can be stressful on the skin. Give a gift that will help your jet-setter pal’s skin look healthy even when they’re on the go. The Travel Skincare Trio is also TSA-approved so it’s easy to thrown in a bag and go!
  3. The Busy Mom. Try as we might, some of us just can’t find the time for a spa treatment. Bring the spa to your loved one with the At Home Spa Facial Kit, which includes the Cell Renew Hydrating Cleanser, Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher, Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner, Cell Reboot Ageless Mask, Cell Revive Serum Complete and Cell Renew Moisture Complete. These products brighten and plump up the skin, visibly reducing pores and diminishing wrinkles.
  4. The Young At Heart. What should you get for that person who is forever young? The Cell Reboot Ageless Mask will keep your youthful friend, or loved one, looking ageless all year round. After all, their young spirit should also match their skin. The oat kernel extract in the mask works quickly to smooth out wrinkles. Carrot seed and argon oils also boost cellular function. They’ll see results with their very first use!
  5. The Workaholic. There’s a person (or two) in our lives who works entirely too hard at home with the kids or in the office. They never take a moment to breathe or treat themselves. Throw that special person a lifesaver with the Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner that will balance out their skin and adjust the pH levels. The gel formula is also perfect for the busy person because the thicker consistency helps users avoid the eyes during the application process.
  6. Anyone Who Needs Love. We all know someone –– a family member, coworker or friend –– on our gift list who could use a bit of relaxation. The Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser delivers hydrating love into the skin. The perfect product for dried or irritated skin, especially skin inflamed from the blistery winter weather. The aloe vera, sodium lactylate and panthenol in the cleanser work together to calm inflamed skin. Ingredients like eucalyptus and chamomile then even out the skin tone.

Giving the gift of skincare this holiday season –– whether it is for the adventurer or the jet setter –– is a great way to help someone on your holiday list ring in the New Year feeling renewed and refreshed – and stay that way all year long!