Getaway Beautifully

Travel Essentials for Your Summer Vacation

Everyone wants to look and feel as good – if not better – on their vacation, but with changing climates, recycled airplane air and unexpected adventures, the truly beautiful traveler has to be prepared! Getaway beautifully with our 5 new travel skincare essentials to get you where you need to be, beautifully and totally hassle-free!
  1. Cell Renew EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème: Wherever you go, your skin will most certainly be exposed to various environmental aggressors. This can include sun, pollution, and extreme weather or recycled air conditioning. Our EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème is a revolutionary formula that features a unique blend of cell nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agent with ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce skin inflammation by 31%! That’s right – with EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème, you can stop aging where it starts!
  2. Cell Revive Serum Complete: Be prepared for any potential facial aging with our Serum Complete with StemCore-3. This breakthrough formula addresses all 12 signs of facial aging, and is clinically proven to immediately tighten and lift skin in 96% of study participants!
  3. Cell Renew Hand and Nail Crème Complete: If you are anything like us, your hands, and cuticles, are the first to get dry and irritated when traveling. Help protect the skin health of your hands and nails with our Hand and Nail Crème Complete with StemCore-3. This rich and creamy moisturizing formula hydrates in three ways, instantly reviving dry skin, including dry, cracked cuticles. And, as a bonus, it completely addresses all the signs associated with visible aging of the hands like wrinkles and brown spots!
  4. Cell Reboot Ageless Mask: While you’re relaxing on your vacation, give your skin an extra boost. Our Ageless Mask with StemCore-3 tightens, exfoliates, lifts and cleanses while revealing brighter, more radiant skin with just one use. Perfect as a quick-pick me up before dinner, or a night out on the town!
  5. Travel Skincare Essentials Kit: For beautiful skin on the go, pick up our Travel Skincare Essentials collection. With this full skincare regimen, in TSA approved sizes, beautiful skin is always in reach, no matter where your travels take you. Includes our Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher, Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner, Cell Revive Smoothing Serum and Cell Renew Moisture Complete.
Here’s to a wonderful rest of you summer, a relaxing vacation, and beautiful travels!