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Tips and Tricks for Bigger, Brighter Eyes

Nobody likes to walk into the office in the morning and hear, “Boy, you look tired! Did you have a long night?” Stop the gossip before it starts with these tips and tricks for bigger, brighter eyes.

  1. Stop the puff. Puffiness around the eye area shrinks the appearance of the eyes and also gives the face an overall tired, heavy look. Take preventative measures to stop puffy eyes before they start by sleeping on your back, not side or stomach, with your head slightly elevated on a pillow. And stay away from salty foods that can cause us to puff up and retain water.
  2. Focus on your lashes. To make eyes look bigger and brighter, curl lashes before applying mascara – and make sure to apply two layers, allowing the first to dry before applying the second. You might also want to consider supplementing lackluster lashes with some falsies (they are a must for every photo shoot and celebrity!)
  3. Take preventative measures. Every morning and evening, use an anti-aging eye serum, like our Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete. Our breakthrough formula is specifically designed to address all the major concerns of the eye area including dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, puffiness and loss of tone and resilience.
  4. Makeup matters! Keep the focus on your eyes by rocking a nude lip. It will draw other’s attention up to your eyes and away from your mouth. And while they are gazing at your baby blues (or browns!), make sure you have properly concealed any hint of dark circles. Dark areas around your eyes tend to make your eyes look smaller.
  5. Brighten up. Soothe red, dry or bloodshot eyes by using artificial tear eye drops. Also, avoid eye irritation by taking contacts out at night while you sleep and giving your eyes a rest every few days by wearing glasses. Consistent contact wearing can deprive eyes of oxygen and increase irritation.
  6. If you’re in a pinch, makeup artists recommend putting white luminizer on the inner corner of your eyelids to make eyes appear brighter. Then, use white eyeliner on the waterline of your lower lashes to help eyes appear bigger.
  7. Never underestimate the power of a well-groomed brow! To create the optimal frame for your eyes, have your brows regularly shaped by a professional. Then between treatments use a pencil to fill in brows and a brow gel to help keep them in place.
  8. Tap away. Gentle tapping on the skin in your under eye area can help increase blood flow, eliminate trapped fluid and help reduce puffiness.

Look awake and alert, no matter how you really feel by taking care of your eye area. The best medicine is preventative. So make sure you are regularly using advanced skincare products with stem cell technology, living a healthy lifestyle and getting plenty of rest.

What are some of the tricks you use to help eyes look bigger and brighter? Tell us in the comments.

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