Exfoliate for Better Skin This Fall

Slough Off Summer Dryness

As the trees begin to shed their leaves, we also feel the need to shed our damaged, dry and sun-worn summer skin (try saying that 3 times fast!). So what better way to usher in the season change than with a good skin sloughing? Here’s a little background on exfoliation. Your skin is constantly producing new, healthy skin cells to replace old, dead cells. In young skin, this cellular turnover process takes about 40 days - about 28 days for a new skin cell to reach the skin’s surface and about 12 days for the old skin cell to slough off. However, the skin’s natural exfoliation process slows as you age, resulting in a rougher, duller complexion. Not ideal, right? The good news is that with a little effort, we can help our skin continue to turnover at a youthful rate, resulting in a glowing and younger-looking complexion.

Smooth Your Face

In our research, customers tend to site their number one skin concern as wrinkles, followed closely by rough, dry skin. Keep your complexion soft and smooth by gently exfoliating skin with a scrub or mask 2 – 3 times per week. Follow exfoliation with a treatment product formulated to improve skin elasticity, firmness and tightness, like our Cell Revive Smoothing Serum.

Get A Soft Body

Unlike the skin on the face, the skin on your body is thicker and has larger pores. This means that it can endure more aggressive exfoliation to improve cell turnover and clear pores of dirt, oil and debris. Exfoliate your body 2 – 4 times a week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, to keep skin smooth and healthy. That said, bear in mind that just because the skin on your body is tougher than on your face, that doesn’t mean you can abuse it. Avoid scrubbing too aggressively as you could inadvertently damage or scar skin so go easy, but firm.

Get A Smoother Shave

Exfoliating your skin prior to shaving helps remove the dead skin cells that can clog your razor, resulting in a less-than-smooth shave. Keep in mind that shaving itself is an act of exfoliation, so if your skin is sensitive, only exfoliate your legs 1 – 2 extra times a week with a scrub. However if your hair is coarse, you may want to increase your exfoliation to a little more than average.

Boost Treatment Products

Your “Step 2” treatment product is the star player in your skincare line up. But if your pores are clogged with dirt, oil and dead skin cells, your most valued anti-aging product won’t be able to live up to its potential. Exfoliate regularly so that your skin can soak up the treatment’s active ingredients and you can get the most out of your skincare.

Keep It Up!

Consistency is key to keep your skin smooth and glowing. Exfoliate 1 – 3 times a week with a scrub or a mask. We recommend our Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher (which we like to mix with our Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser) or our Cell Reboot Ageless Mask to see immediate lifting and tightening with visible results after just one use.* How often you exfoliate depends on your specific skin type. So, if you are unsure, consult your dermatologist. Now we’re ready to face autumn with skin that glows. How about you? *Study results on file.