Allergy Season Skincare Switch-Up

Say Goodbye to Spring Induced Eye Puffiness

April is a time for seasonal change. But like most things, there is bad with the good. Most people equate the warm spring weather to heading outside and enjoying nature. But to others, warm spring weather can mean the start of allergy season, and with that comes skin sensitivities, puffy skin and watery eyes. So, aside from taking an antihistamine, what else can you do to de-puff your skin, especially around the eye area? We've got your allergy season skincare switch-up! Let’s first start by understanding the cause. Eye puffiness or “bags” is caused by excess water in the skin under the eye or excessive fat deposits around the eye that causes the appearance of puffiness. Eye sagging, which can contribute to the look of puffy eyes, is caused by a collagen breakdown in the skin and/or loss of subcutaneous fat around the eye. Now, what do you do about it? Puffiness from excess water can be dealt with by the use of several natural ingredients. Specific pomegranate extracts, natural yeast extract, green tea extract, sea algae extracts, secale cereal extract, and rice bran oil all can help reduce puffiness. You can find these ingredient helpers in our Eye Serum Complete. These natural tighteners and lifters will also help reduce sagging skin due to loss of fat. Collagen buildup can be assisted by actives such as collagen building amino peptides, rice peptides, niacinamide (vitamin B3) and vitamin C. In all skincare products, but especially around the sensitive eye area, it’s best to use natural, organic and synthetic chemical-free brands. Some people will indeed react to chemicals that are synthetic and not derived from a natural source. Reactions such as edema and redness may occur. Sometimes these synthetic chemicals will have a catalytic effect, which may increase allergic responses. As you probably already know, Stemology products are all-natural, intelligently organic and free of petroleum, ethoxylates, formaldehyde donors, sulfates, parabens, GMO’s or artificial colors. So this spring, as the seasons change, make sure your skincare changes with it. Help reduce the effects of swelling, puffiness and other allergy-induced skin sensitivities by looking for natural, organic products that contain effective ingredients that will de-puff your skin from spring’s seasonal change. Do you have any natural tips on fighting spring allergies? Tell us in the comments.