All Eyes On You

Outshine Your Spotlight

Life doesn’t always happen on our schedule. A presentation, black-tie affair or birthday celebration are all situations that will happen whether or not we feel and look our best. Here’s seven tips to make sure that you are radiant and ready for the spotlight any day of the week.

1.) Get a good night sleep.

A restful night’s sleep will reduce puffiness and under eye circles. Not only will you look fresh and rejuvenated, but you will feel that way, too. A full night sleep (about eight hours) also improves posture and sharpness of the mind. A lack of sleep will ‘dumb’ you down, making it harder to pay attention, stay alert, and concentrate.

2.) Use a full skincare regimen.

Reach your skin’s full potential by using a full skincare regimen. Our Anti-Aging regimen addresses all of the facial aging signs and will help leave your skin vibrant and youthful for your big event.

3.) Pay extra attention to your eyes.

The eyes can often betray one’s age and exhaustion level, so take extra care of them, especially before a big day. Choose an eye treatment that is specifically designed to address all the major concerns of the eye area, including dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, puffiness and loss of tone and resilience. Our recommendation? Our Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete, which comprehensively addresses all of the aforementioned issues.

4.) Get a facial.

There’s nothing like having a professional help you put your best face forward, but it’s very important that your facial treatment happen more than four days before an event. This will allow your skin enough time to calm down from any extraction that was needed.

5.) Be Confident.

Nothing shines brighter than inner beauty and confidence. Give yourself time to prepare the night before. Whether you need to take an ingredient inventory for your dinner party or practice a speech a few extra times, being overly prepared will give you the confidence to take on the spot light with serenity and grace.

6.) Drink lots of Water.

Water moisturizes our skin from the inside out. When our bodies are dehydrated, it shows through the dullness of our skin. To get a bright, glowing complexion, make sure to drink a lot of water in the days leading up to your event.

What do you do to prep before you know all eyes will be on you? Share your tips in the comment section.