Achieve POREfection

Enlarged Pores: The Problem, The Causes and The Solutions

The Problem: Enlarged Pores

The Causes:

  • Oily Skin: To keep our skin protected, hydrated and lubricated, our bodies produce a substance called sebum, an oily liquid made by the sebaceous glands. Healthy sebum production is essential for the integrity and normal function of the skin as a protective organ of the body. People whose bodies tend to overproduce oil have larger appearing pores. This is due to dirt and oil collecting in the pores, which causes skin to swell and pores to look larger.
  • Hormonally Aging Skin: As you get older, skin loses collagen and elastin, the properties that give skin its elasticity. This breakdown of the skin’s vital structures actually causes skin to shrink and pull at the edges of the pores, making them sag and appear enlarged.
  • Sun Exposure: Sun damage, which typically accumulates with age (the older you are, the more you’ve been exposed to the sun), also affects the appearance of pores. It makes skin thicken, causing skin cells to collect around the edges of the pores, which stretches them out.

The Solutions:

Solve enlarged pores with a skin care regimen that aids in restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier while balancing hormonally aging skin. Make sure the products have all natural ingredients, using the latest technologies, and are scientifically tested. Stemology’s proprietary StemCore-3 Technology features stem cell derivatives, combined with peptides, a proprietary antioxidant complex (ACX-11) of 11 separate and different antioxidants, plant stem cells and ingredient “helpers.”

Solution 1 (Good): Cell Revive Serum Complete

This breakthrough formula addresses all the signs of facial aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, firmness and tightness, skin tone, pore refinement, skin thickness, dry skin, collagen, and free radical damage
  • Clinically proven to immediately tighten and lift skin in 96% of study participants
  • Encourages firmer, brighter, skin while helping to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Collagen pre-peptides help increase collagen synthesis – Daisy Flower Extract, a dual purpose lightener and spot reducer, works at multiple levels to help inhibit melanin and tyrosinase production and reduce melanin transfer to the keratinocytes and is clinically proven to lighten skin by 22% in just 14 days*
  • Lemon Peel Bioferment, a natural and effective alternative to hydroquinone, aids in reducing the appearance of brown spots

Solution 2 (Better): Cell Revive Serum Complete + Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser and Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner.

Enlist the help of Stemology’s Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser and Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner to further aid in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. Cell Renew Hydrating Cleanser washes away dirt and other impurities that can dull skin’s glow, while Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner prepares the skin to receive treatment actives by opening pores and balancing skin’s natural pH.

Solution 3 (Best): Cell Revive Serum Complete, Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser, Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner + Cell Renew Moisture Complete

This is the full package for achieving POREfection. Add our rich and creamy moisturizing formula that delivers the right kind of moisture, hydrating skin in 3 ways; attracting water to the skin, binding it to skin and then helping skin to retain moisture, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin’s barrier function. Which solution will you choose?