4 Reasons Stem Cell Face Serums Are More Effective Than Traditional Serums

Stem Cell Face Serums For The Win

Would you rather have a high performance vehicle, or an old jalopy? They both will get you from Point A to Point B (maybe, if the jalopy doesn’t break down!). But one will get you there faster, more comfortably and in style. The same could be said about facial serums. Serums that contain the latest skincare technology and the most efficacious formulations on the market – those containing stem cell derivatives – will improve your skin faster and better than serums on the market that don’t use stem cell technology. Here are my top four reasons that stem cell face serums are more effective than traditional serums.
  1. Stem cell derivatives are the most effective approach to skin renewal. Scientific research has shown that human adult stem cells are the coordinators and conductors of the natural repair and renewal process of the human body, which includes the skin. Face serums that contain adult stem cell derivatives use the same natural signaling and communicating methods that our own stem cells provide on a daily basis. These protein derivatives, harvested from stem cell cultures, include many growth factors, cytokines and helper proteins known to work together in the rejuvenation process. Therefore, augmenting the renewal processes of our body (and our skin) with the same natural processes derived from stem cells is more effective than other methods.
  1. Stem cell derivatives are the ultimate anti-aging solution. One of the reasons our skin looks so healthy and attractive when we are young is that we have an abundance of adult stem cells available to renew and repair it. As we age, less and less of these stem cells are available to do this work, so our skin shows the aging process. Using adult stem cell derivatives to augment our own skin renewal process stimulates the natural healing process of tissues by restoring growth factors and other molecules normally found in young, healthy tissue and skin. This provides a methodology to reduce skin aging and restore youthfulness similar to what we enjoyed in our younger days.
  1. Stem cell derivative proteins are completely natural and safe. Stem cell skin care products never contain actual stem cells or DNA. Rather they contain the active derivatives (growth factors, cytokines and helper proteins) of the stem cells. These proteins are normally produced in our body, and are natural to our system, unlike synthetic actives and/or actives derived from plants or animals.
  1. Stem cell based serums address a number of aging issues at the same time By stimulating both epidermal cell production and collagen production, a number of visible appearance issues can be addressed with a single product. Stem cell face serums help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, improve skin, boost outer layer turnover which causes dull skin to look more healthy and youthful, improve skin softness and help with environmental exposure and damage. Traditional serums may address only one or two of these issues.
What do you think? Will you be trading in your old traditional serum for a more technologically advanced serum using stem cell technology? Tell us in the comments.